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How to find out if someone has feelings for you
by Joseph Gatt
2018-12-26 11:45:33
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There are four six words to find out if someone has feelings for you: active seduction, passive seduction, active presence, passive presence, active communication, passive communication.

Active seduction: If they have feelings for you, they will often use active ways to try to seduce you. Seduction means behaving in a way that will please the other person, to attract the other person's trust and affection. Ways to attract another person's trust and affection include calling them frequently on the phone, saying things you think will please them, suggesting you two could be a couple, dressing up and grooming yourself in a way you think would please the other person, trying to keep a pleasant conversation going with the other person.

feeling01Passive seduction: Active seduction is when a person is directly dealing with you. Passive seduction is when a person is at a distance with you. If they have feelings for you, they might want you to notice their clean desk at work, their nice car, their social media accounts might shift in ways that are meant to attract you. They may want you to notice that they have a nice job, that they lead a comfortable lifestyle, and that they have a good life going for them. And they might include notes that are clearly meant for you.

Note: if a person is not actively trying to seduce you, nor are they passively trying to seduce you, probably means that they have no feelings for you.

Active presence: If someone likes you, they will tend to try to be present where you are present. They will go to the places they think they can find you, will hang out with you at work or at school, might even join some of the activities you are doing. They want to be together with you, and tend to mark their territory with you.

Passive presence: If someone likes you, they might want to leave traces of their presence elsewhere. They might go to a party and leave a trace to try to make sure you will hear echoes of their presence at the party. Or they might want you to hear echoes of their presence at work or at school. At school for example, they might behave in strange ways in class so that your classmates share with them echoes of your behavior.

Note: If a person does not have an active or a passive presence in your circle, probably means they don't have feelings for you.

Active communication: if someone is actively communicating with you, constantly trying to communicate either through direct ways or via social media or email, they probably have a crush on you. That is if you are constantly communicating with them and conversations never seem to end, they probably have a crush on you.

Passive communication: in addition to active communication, your crush might be sending indirect messages through social media, or they tell a friend to make sure to tell you something. They might hint at you on social media, share videos or pictures that are clearly intended to you, or leave notes that are clearly intended to you.

Final notes: some like to seduce you actively while others prefer to use a passive approach. Some use the passive approach so they can get a date, any date, without specifically keeping you in mind. Others can actively try to seduce you, but try to seduce several people at the same time. But if they are being seductive, present and constantly trying to communicate with you, they probably have feelings for you. If their social media page is a mess, their desk is a mess, they are making no efforts regarding their appearance, and don't seem to be hinting at you in any conversation, they probably don't have a crush on you or anyone else.

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