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An Eagle Amongst Blackbird Dance and Song
by Leah Sellers
2018-12-24 10:15:30
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Today, while Walking my Canine Friend, Zella
We simultaneously, stopped and stood
Taut and Alert
blackbi01_400As We both gazed upon a wonderfully UnExpected Sight
At first, I Thought I spotted
A Hawk
Making its way toward a massive throng of Blackbirds
Creating undulating Waves of Dance and Song
Of everchanging Form and Design
Over wind blown Fields and Trees
And grass covered Railroad Lines
As the Larger Bird
Flew closer overhead
Wings pierced and outlined by brilliant Sun
I Realized
It was a Young Eagle
A Joyous Surprise
For my Searching Eyes
In the Radiant Skies
Adventurously Gliding amongst Singing Blackbirds
Geometric Patterns and Spirals
Upon the Horizon’s Rise
Dipping, Diving
Slightly Dis-ruptive to the Blackbird’s Patterns and Forms
The Young Eagle was not there amongst the Blackbirds
To do harm
And the Blackbirds appeared to be in no genuine alarm
The Young Eagle Flew and Gracefully Drifted
In Calm, Determinative Silence
Amongst the Blackbird’s different and various
Short-winged Rhythms
As they Sang and Shifted
The Young Eagle lingered
Within the Blackbirds Sky Patterns and Song
An Individual apparently Seeking to Belong
A Possible Predator
Amidst Possible Prey
All of them Allowing
Whether out of Ignorant Oblivion
Wide-Eyed Acceptance or Paralyzing Fear
The Magical Moment
For Elemental Play
Smiling, I rubbed Zella behind her ears
And paused to Say
“Now, Moments of Inspiration
Like this
Are what Make my Day !”


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