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Moon Morphs
by David Sparenberg
2018-12-23 11:48:28
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moon01Moonlight is not only white. If She Who Watches weeps, looking out on this conflicted Earth, are Moon’s tears equivalent to Earth-rain?  Sun smiles on Moon in all phases, as Sun warms all faces here on Gaia-Earth.  May we then speak poetically, with soft eloquence, of Moon Rainbows?

There is hidden beauty in all that is. Soul is third eye, graced by Spirit with Power to reveal what is hidden. To give to awareness the wealth of appreciation, and to see that the seer too, being seen, is beautiful.

Whatever is formed, occupying terms of space and time, is related.  All who relate are radiant.   Origami connects the cosmic far-flung-away with near-at-home. There are rainbows in relationships.  Give thanks.


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