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The last father
by Amir Khatib
2018-12-22 09:10:30
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The last father

I drew my face on a plate of paper
I play with him in that disguised ambush
Everyone wears his face here
It's a party for adults
My face makes an anchor on paper
Oops on the paper plate
face01Everyone shoots me
: only you
Because you are good at love and freedom
Everyone mocks me
No one else but you
Because you understand the language of the grandfather
Autism with the same meaning
We were not together at that party
But we were equal
I was not the only one to talk to you
And a good smile with others
I am a good father
There are many good parents
Who do not pray to their children
On the contrary
Waiting for them or looking for them in the corridors of the place
Or between the faces of revelers
It's a party
You will not teach us anything
: Our time will be stolen
: Surrealism limit
: It's a concert
Do my children attend? I want to see me drunk
: Or like a rag
I want them to learn
This life is a breach
: And their father is a rag
Their grandparents broke
And their sons broke
Their resonant songs melted into memory
: Drool of wine drops eyes
: And stumble to ferment more in memory
I'm just a ...
Is it only a rag ?


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