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The Traveller
by Nikos Laios
2018-12-21 08:24:04
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The Traveller 

I shall always
Be a traveller;
I shall wait at
And train stations
And bus stops.

journey01_400I will cross
The world
And meet new
I will learn
Of their sorrows
And joys,
Their lamentations
And loves
And their daily

I shall travel
On ferries
To exotic islands
And discuss the
World in taxi cabs
And barber shops.

I shall travel
The world
And see
How small
And beautiful it is
And how similar
We all are,
How much
It is
Unites us
Than divides us,
And how small
My tribulations
Are in comparison.

I shall return
Back home
Like Odysseus
With the scents
Of jasmine, myrrh
And exotic spices
In my hair,
And the sounds
Of babbling voices
In foreign tongues
Linger in my memory.

I will settle
Back into my
Daily routine,
And the weeks,
Months and years
Will pass and I
Will look longingly
At the horizon
And yearn for
New adventures
And travel.

I will yearn
For the fraternity,
And love forged
On the crossroads
Of the world,
And the carefree
And detachment
Of a traveller.

I shall always
Be a traveller;
For I have learned
That there are
No destinations.

That the journey
Itself is the destination,
That life itself is a journey
And not a destination;
That we are all travellers
On this world just
Passing through.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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