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Back then ...fourteen years now
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-12-20 07:14:37
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When Ovi started, back in 2004, it was an era of fear. Just three years after the hit in New York and a new world of paranoia and dismay. But there was also hope. Ovi was part of this hope. Or at least we hoped so. We wanted to be the 'alternative', the personal, the opinionated, a stand to hate, to stereotypes, to prejudice, inequalities, fears and paranoia.

Fourteen years later, year 2018 and we still live in an era of fear; paranoia and dismay have worsen and there is little hope. Donald Trump killed a big part of that hope. Not him per se but everything he represents and nowadays you can find everywhere around. Definitely in the “democratic” west.

The most cannibalistic elements of the human society have arisen from their dark sewers spreading hate and death. Who would ever believe fourteen years ago that a group of KKK hooded imitators would appear in Finland or in Cyprus? Anti-Semitism from Hungary to Poland and Latvia covered behind a liberal-Soros hate. One murdered unionist in Greece from a member of a Nazi group that has elected 13 members in the Greek Parliament.

Neo-Nazis control Hungary, patrol Finland, parade in Charlottesville and Georgia USA. A 6-year-old girl of a separated immigrant family dies in the hands of the contemporary grey-coats alas ICE, in USA. Tens, hundreds, thousands the victims of hate crimes in the …democratic west.

ovi02_400Internet also is not the same fourteen years after. In 2004 it was a place of connecting, communicating, learning and sharing. Today …today more than half of the things you read online are either for “like” or to hate. The misleading and fake stories are so provocatively raw that makes you wonder …how stupid are the people who believe them. But hey …they are millions. And they are also voters. Dictator Erdoğan was elected, murderer Rodrigo Duterte was elected, Viktor Orbán was voted, Vladimir Putin was voted ...Donald Trump was voted.

The biggest online transmitter of misinformation and lies is the American president! What else can you add after that?

This is where Ovi tries to survive. This is free opinion trying to survive. In a very dark tunnel with no light in the end. We are trying to be our own light.

And it is not always easy.

Ovi has always been supporter of free expression and it will continue stand to its believes. Ovi has also been a strong and committed opposition to fascism, Nazism, xenophobia, racism, prejudice, homophobia and that will always be, with no exceptions.

Ovi magazine celebrates its fourteenth birthday in a very dark stormy sea hoping that it can be a bright lighthouse for democracy and freedom among titanic waves of hate, lies and fascism.

A big thank you to all the people who contribute in this lighthouse and a big thank you to the ones who read it. Makes us feel that we are not alone and we need that!

Happy 14th birthday Ovi


P.S. 2018 has been also a traumatic year for Ovi Magazine since we lost two valuable members of our family, Dr. Emanuel Paparella and Dr. Lawrence Nannery left us in the beginning of this year may rest in peace.They will always be mebers of this family.

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