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Different types of scams
by Joseph Gatt
2018-12-18 09:48:34
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To avoid being a victim, here are common forms of scams you don't want to fall for. Scams fall in the prostitution, sales, business, identity and love categories.

scam01_400Prostitution scams:

-You meet a prostitute who suggests you pay her and follow her to a hotel. Once you arrive at the shady hotel doorstep, her pimp allows her in but prevents you from going in.

-You meet a prostitute and follow her to her hotel. Once in the hotel room, her pimps show up and demand you give up all your belongings.

-You meet a prostitute, follow her to her hotel, have sex. The sexual act is video recorded. Her pimps follow you to your house, and at your doorstep suggest they have the tape and that you should pay to prevent them from sending the tape to your family.

-A prostitute invites you to the hotel. She offers you a drink. You are drugged and all your belongings disappear.

-A call girl suggests a bar. You have a drink, and are billed an extraordinary sum for the drink. You can't leave without paying.

-You invite a call girl for a set price. Once you meet, she suddenly evokes all these additional charges including airline tickets for her transportation fee and other fees.

Sales scams:

-The challenge scam: the salesman suggests an incredibly expensive price in a challenging tone. 100 dollars for this t-shirt! As a guy, or perhaps a girl, you are offended and take the challenge. You end up paying a very expensive fee for the item, despite having negotiated. Negotiations take place in a challenging tone, but the salesman eventually gives concessions. Turns out the t-shirt costs less than 1 dollar, and you negotiated it for 25 dollars. You go out thinking you got a deal by lowering the price from 100 to 25 dollars.

-The let's discuss the price at the end scam. You go to a restaurant or take a taxi, or go to bar or café, or to a store, and have no idea how much items cost. Staff deliberately avoids the question of price. Once you finish eating, drinking, or arrive to your destination, you are asked a crazy price.

-The middle man scam. You go through a middle man to buy a product. Sometimes middle men know exactly what they are selling, other times they have no idea what they are selling but make it sound like a beautiful story. You pay the middle man, and end up with a terrible product, or no product at all.

-The client who doesn't pay. You provide a service for a client who disappears once the product is provided.

-The incompetence scam. You are told the company knows how to provide a service, but it turns out the company has no idea how to provide the service.

-The menu scam. You are provided with a long menu or a long list of products. But the cheap products are not available, and you end up having to buy an expensive item.

Business scams:

-The foreign product scam: you are approached and told that factories in Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan or Tajikistan make far cheaper products for products available in your country and that you could make a fortune selling them for the normal price in your country. Except that the banking system is not great in Tunisia, and that you have to pay up front. You send money to an account in Tunisia, and the person you were dealing with mysteriously disappears.

-The challenge scam: your business partner keeps challenging you and you keep having to fight back. Like in a boxing match, once you are tired of defending yourself, and almost knocked out, he makes a ridiculous offer. You feel challenged, your sense of honor is hurt, you have to win the challenge. So you try to negotiate a deal, but end up leaving with a very bad deal.

-The ghost town scam: The person you deal with explains that you can get a product at a ridiculous price because it's made in a ghost town where real estate prices are incredibly cheap. Once you lust for the offer, he suggests that payment arrangements have to be special and that you have to pay up front. He disappears with the money. 

-The factory price scam: Same idea. The person you are dealing with suggests you get a very cheap price by ordering directly from the factory without going through middle men. Then disappears with the money. 

-The “you invest” scam: A charismatic man, often very intelligent, suggests you invest in a get-rich-quick scheme while he works for you and you pay him wages. He does that with several people as well. The idea is often too good to be true and does not work. You go months without getting returns on your investment, and the man goes back with several months of wages collected from several people. 

-The newspaper scam: The person you are dealing with uses an event mentioned in the newspapers to lure you into giving money. For example: I lost my brother in the San Bernardino attacks. I need to pay a lawyer 50,000 dollars to collect his 1 million dollar life insurance. I'll give you your 50,000 plus 20,000 interest back once I collect his insurance. He disappears with your 50,000.  

-The middle man collects money to avoid paying for taxes scam: You make a deal, but the person you are dealing with suggests that he pays you in cash and have the money sent to you by a middle man to avoid paying taxes. Then he comes up with a story saying he gave the money to the middle man but the middle man disappeared. 

-The give me cash and let's not sign a contract to avoid paying taxes scam. Same principle. Give me cash up front to avoid paying for taxes. Man then disappears with cash.

Identity scams:

The entertainment business scam: some people know that people sometimes daydream about being in show-business. They suggest you record an album or join a talent agency, pay a lot of money, and they often disappear with the money and leave you with a burned disk. Same goes for the books and publishing industry. 

The get rich quick scam: Some people know most people know nothing about finance. They suggest you place your money and get crazy returns for your money. And they disappear with your money. 

The work from home scam: They know some people hate their day jobs. They suggest you work from home, with no contract, paid by the task. They give you very time-consuming tasks, keep the profits, and leave you with peanuts. Tasks can include data entry, call center work, writing, art, computer coding or any other task. 

The “I'll introduce you to a man/woman scam”: They know some people are single and would do anything to go on a date but are too shy to go on a date. They suggest they introduce you someone who's interested, give you all the details. Eventually they either ask you for money to bring the person over, or ask you that you live with the person, or other shady deals. 

The “I own a business” scam: They know some people desperately want a job. They claim they own a business and either suggest you invest in the business or give you work to get done for the business. They either disappear with your money or keep the profits from your work. 

The “I work for the government” scam: They will claim to facilitate business, facilitate networking, help you gain business deals, get a job, get rich. They will take “bribes” only to disappear with the bribes. 

The “I'm a spy” scam: They will claim to be spies and make up stories about what's really going on underground. They will then use their position as a “spy” in their “lawless world” to facilitate business or getting a job. Only to disappear with your money.

Love scams:

Marriage for visa scams: A man or a woman claims to love you but disappears once they get their visa or permanent residency. 

Marriage for access to secrets scams: A man or a woman claims to love you but dates you to extract information. 

Marriage for money scams: A man or a woman claims to love you, but then comes up with all kinds of ideas needing money. They then disappear with your money.

Marriage for social status scams: A man or a woman claims to love you but only dates you so they can have access to your elite surroundings. Once they get a prized job or get accepted as a member of the elite, they ditch you. 

Forced marriage: You are blackmailed into marrying someone another person chooses for you. 

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