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Conservatives flirting Nazis in Greece
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-12-15 10:46:23
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Next year, 2019, is going to be a multi-election year for Greece. Euro elections, local elections and general elections looming each other all in a deeply divided environment. Whilst the governing left under Alexis Tsipras leadership often falls into populism, the traditional conservative New Democracy under the leadership of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has adopted far-right rhetoric, he shows euroskeptic attitude and often dangerously flirts with the Nazi Golden Down.

mitso001_400The Greek Nazi Golden Dawn fulfils all the stereotypes of a Nazi group. I didn’t write a neo-Nazi because the Greek Golden Dawn is based in nothing new, they are exactly the same thugs that held hostage Germany in 1936. Formulated by social parasites and outcasts, convicted criminals and extreme characters involved in all kind and level crimes, including two proven murders, and using violence and hate rhetoric covered as “patriotic” has infiltrated the Greek politics and society. And all that in a country that lost thousands of people during WWII and the civil war from the Nazis and their collaborators.

Their latest battlefield, alike all far-right, fascist, xenophobic, homophobic, racist and Nazi groups: the internet. Employing hundreds of sites and blogs with misleading and fake news in a constant spread of lies and provocations. Of course Golden Dawn could not be the exception and with a very strong presence online, mostly under pseudonyms or misleading group names, enflaming most of the time patriotic instincts they can explore. Latest trend: Macedonia is Greek. This is their cover; the truth is the constant mudslinging of politicians and democracy portraying them as the traitors of the nation. And then provocation that angers people. Words from politicians on the FYROM side never said altered in a way to sound real or at least as real as some like to hear them.

Conspiracy theories are their other thing. Their latest one, EU and IMF are in a conspiracy to force Greeks accept FYROM with the name North Macedonia and in exchange they soften the economic measures on pensioners. And that’s just the peak of the iceberg. Thousands conspiracy theories that glorify the nation and the same time create a paranoia with all the west-east-north-south enemies who are ready to eat Greece out of …jealousy.

And all these would not have been a problem, they would have been believed by the usual idiots and that would have been but all these fake stories and news find their way to mainstream news with a little help of a later trend among the new-rich, the Greek money oligarchy which is involved to anything, from drugs to shipping and from football to construction; and of course media. The good gangster needs a good promotion platform.

The conservative party, a party with long history in Greek politics found by the founder of the post-dictatorship Greek democracy, has started this flirting game with the Nazis the last few years and especially when leader of the party was Antonis Samaras, one of the most corrupted Greek politicians in modern Greek history. As very correctly and EU official said about Samaras a few years ago: we trusted the wolf with the sheep. The man partly responsible for Greece’s catastrophe is supposedly to be her savoir? While Prime Minister and see the power of the left opposition on the rise, Antonis Samaras started secret talks though the PM’s office secretary with the Nazis into formulating an alliance in case they could “work” something in a case of a join victory for the coming elections. Nobody really knows how and why the agreement failed but it was publicized embarrassing Samaras by the Nazis.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis is in front a similar situation. He knows that a clean win will not come and most likely he will need any alliance he can stage if he wants the prime ministerial office, so he reaches for the Nazis just like his predecessor. The bad news is to sweeten the deal Kyriakos Mitsotakis looks everyday more like them than the founders of his own party. His rhetoric has xenophobic, homophobic and authoritarian additions. He has surround him self with populists of the far right including the man who tried to create a political party in support of the dictators with the blessing of the imprisoned dictators.

Nobody really knows how far this flirting has gone but last week, the caricature führer of the Greek Nazis, Nikos Michaloliakos, in a radio interview said that the Golden Down is ready to “help” New Democracy to take over primeministerialship as long they can agree in …certain rules. What followed it was the usual Nazi vomit of hate but …Mitsotakis has already people around him, people he plans to put in ministerial positions and they have publicly said similar things. Like A. Georgiadis and M. Voridis. Oddly one of them is also the …vice president of the party.

The party of New Democracy had had already taken a turn to the far-right with Antonis Samaras but now, under the leadership of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, New Democracy is seriously flirting with the Nazis. But you never flirt with the rapist, do you?

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