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Give Us Leaders Who have Suffered......
by Leah Sellers
2018-12-12 09:22:13
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Yes, Give us Leaders who have Suffered
And OverCome
The Darkness Outside and Inside ThemSelves
lead01_400With the Light and Hope Energies of
Grace, Understanding, Discernment,
Compassion, Forgiveness of Self and Others
And Love beyond ThemSelves
Which Enters and Transforms The Self.

Suffering which Makes the Leaders Wiser
More Considered and Considerate
And deepens their Life Experiences

Yes, Give us Leaders who have Suffered
Who have been
Excluded and Oppressed
Humiliated and Insulted
Suppressed and Ignored
Defiled and Spit Upon
Cast out and Villified
And found the Strength and Talents
Within a Loving Spirit
To keep ThemSelves Whole and Healthy
Within the rigid Institutionalized
And Systemic Brokeness
Surrounding them

Yes, Give us Leaders who have Suffered
Who have held Others Up
During times of Trial and Tribulation
And Violence of and against
The Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit

Yes, Give us Leaders who have Suffered
Because Suffering is a Great Teacher
A Great Crucible of
The Mind, Heart, Body and Soul
Suffering Teaches
Balance between Giving and Taking

Suffering Teaches us
That with Death and Loss
Come the Energetic Cycles
Of ReBirth and ReNewal
Again, and again, and again….

Yes, Give us Leaders Who have Suffered
And Chosen to BeCome
Their Greater and Higher Selves
For ThemSelves and Others
Yes, Give us Leaders who have Suffered…..


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