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Love-Bird of Sanity
by David Sparenberg
2018-12-11 07:55:52
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We are praisers of Earth.  But we have become killers.  We are celebrants of Creation. But we have become destroyers.  We are givers and our gifts are treasures of memory.  Yet we have become hoarders of forgetfulness, consumers of systems, species, structures, fabric, connectors, selves, integrity.

birds0001_400Intended as chronologists of cosmos, deformed into ambassadors of death.

We are intimate with hemorrhaging blood; bloodshed nurtures us.  We are dependent on burning fumes of gasoline and pollution drives us.  We breathe poison and call poison convenience and normalcy, and madness, from incident to incident convulsing in the throes of violence, we accept, and we call madness freedom.

How, then, tell me… How do we get inside a prosperity of appreciation?  How rekindle the spontaneities of joy, making reverence, relationships, purity and restoration into culture; Ecosophy touchstone of a new millennial Gospel; compassion, passionately from lips and minds and shining of our faces, in witness to burgeoning dialogues of radiance and diversity?
How do we remake ourselves in our generations and make our way back into planetary harmony, entering belonging, extending a time of seeding, not seething hatred and resentful political machinations?  Bur instead to become who we always were, who we ever are, and liberating each other, person by person, and the suffering aliveness of wonderment longing around us? 

Exiting our dark cells of intergenerational ignorance in the dark shells of historic abuses, and giving wing, at long last, too long in dreaming, to the dove, the love-bird of sanity?  Sanity, so denied, so difficult to find.

We are burdened through our days with trivia and dogmas and the propaganda of ideologies; false perceptions socialized by false pronouncements; and shallow existence diminished by small men (being small men ourselves) and compliant women.  How fierce is the need for love to fly!  What shadow over the sorrow of Earth-tomorrows?  Angel of Death, perhaps, or Firebirds Rising?


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