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by Jan Sand
2018-12-07 08:51:12
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To sit remote,
In the middle of the sky
Within a flimsy rig
Of canvas and steel pipe.
Icy air smokes between my feet
Like dragon’s breath.
j30001_400Three thousand feet below
The insect nest
Of early morning traffic.
Colored mites
On lines of white
Move in mindless entropy.
The Cub J-3
Is cut to patterns
Of stability.
The wispy touch
Of a forefinger –
More thought than act,
Disciplines the stick
To counter engine torque
And rest wing tips
Flat to the horizon.
The lion roar
Of four cylinders
Drowns the atmosphere
In healthy din.
On occasion, some defect
Spins the prop
With only three,
Causing some anxiety.
But hard habits
Keep the eyes alert,
Head in steady swivel
To spot, along the route,
Security in smooth fields
On which I could alight
In careful shallow glide.
This huge stiff phony bird
With rigid limbs
Moves in clumsy simulation
To artful graceful swoops
Of any common gull
And generates in me
Innate dissatisfaction.
I would,
In dream of Icarus
Slip on feathered gloves
To glow translucent white
On porcelain blue sky
And rise with huge breath
Of gentle winds
Swiftly to the zenith
Where faintest inclination
Moves my fingertips
To play on symphonies of air
Through flocks of zooming swallows
Spinning in dynamic joy.

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