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The Murderer's High-Five 'Let None Who Oppose Us Stay Alive'!
by Leah Sellers
2018-12-06 09:59:15
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“Oh, Vlad, my friend. We are making Bully Boy Autocratic History ! Give me the Autocratic Bad Boy’s Murderer’s Club High Five, my Man !” MBS said with a Batman movie Joker’s Big Grin as he slapped and grabbed Putin’s hand.

“Let None who oppose Us stay alive,” Putin said with a wickedly haughty smile. “When will all of these Global Fools understand what they are up against ?”

“Yes, when, my Comrade in Arms ?” MBS hissed.

mbput001_400“And poor Trumpty. A Dog with his tail in between his legs, because he cares about what his American Base thinks. Because his past, present and future Financial and Ethical hijinx are catching up with him.”

“Yes, Trumpty is trying to manipulate his Base, the American Congress and the Free Press as best he can. He is leading a fairly effective smear campaign against the Journalists and News Media in general, and helping to weaken the Pillars and Institutions of the American Democracy with his Tweets and Rallies and slowly revealed Con Jobs and Bad Actions, but he cannot freely Murder those who Oppose him as we can,” MBS commiserated.

“Truly, MBS, I snap my fingers or lift my eyebrow, and those who write things about me I don’t like or who oppose me in any other way, are Dead Meat, so to speak,” Putin said as he snapped his fingers and raised his eyebrow meaningfully.

“Poor Donald,” MBS said as he shook his hooded head, “Poor Donald. He so wants to be a part of the Autocratic Bully Boy’s Murderer’s Club, but the outcries of the American people against the Murderous Actions of leaders like you and I are preventing that from happening thus far.”

“So, he must remain a Man moved and bent by the whims of others,” MSB sighed. “He is a Man of Lawless DisOrder forced by the Constitution to be the Bastion of Law and Order. It is a conundrum, I must admit. One not easily resolved, and making him a Man of Chaotic Action which eventually dis-solves into InAction and further dis-array. Making it difficult for him to be of any use to the likes of You and I, my friend.”

“Da, Da. He cannot even order a proper Murder when it is necessary to his plans or machinations.”

“Too bad he cannot Meet with us Privately at this G20 Summit without causing a Scandal. He is missing out on all of this delightful gloating over the rightness of our Bad Boy Badness, which we call Strength and Decisiveness, while others call our Autocratic Bad Boy’s Murderer’s Club nothing but Arrogant, Lawless, DisOrderly, Wicked Mis-Conduct,” MBS laughed heartily.

Putin smiled coldly, “What do you say, Prince ? Should we snap our fingers and raise our deadly eyebrows a few times here and there ?”

“A splendid idea, my friend. Practice makes Perfect,” MBS replied as both Autocrats slapped one another’s backs amicably, and headed back toward the crowded room, staged microphones and the Press Corps laughing like prowling jackals.



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