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Sham marriages and scam marriages
by Joseph Gatt
2018-12-01 07:57:41
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Almost everything you need to know about sham marriages and scam marriages.

Marriage is both a social arrangement and a love affair. Love marriages can be complicated, but some marriages were never meant to last in the first place.

Sham marriages

You have gambling addicts, alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless people, prostitutes and so on who desperately need money. They are approached by brokers who offer them money in exchange for getting married, often with undocumented or illegal aliens. They receive money in exchange for signing a few papers.

marriag001_400To avoid police suspicion, marriage brokers encourage the couple to take “wedding pictures” together and to rent an apartment together. The apartment is often sublet. Both men and women pay brokers for sham marriages, often because a sham marriage would get them permanent residency and eventually citizenship in their country of adoption. Once they get permanent residency, they tend to divorce and stay in the country.

Another type of sham marriage is one where two people get married to take advantage of some aspect of the law. For example, if laws restrict school access to the district you live in, some people can get involved in sham marriages so they can send their children to better schools. Others contract sham marriages with their business partners, especially since gay marriage is being allowed, because married couples who do business together have tax breaks and other advantages. Some public servants can contract sham marriages so they can move to a better city, while other workers engage in sham marriages so they can convince their boss to send them to a different city or country.

Signs of a sham marriage include:

-Friends, colleagues or family tend not to be invited to the wedding, and tend not to be informed about the wedding until after the marriage takes place.

-An apartment is rented but sublet to avoid suspicions.

-Bills are sent to the name of the couple to avoid suspicions.

-Couples have complicated stories including an absent wife or husband.

-In some cases the couples don't even know each other's names or speak the same language.

Scam marriages

A scam marriage is a marriage where one person is in love, while the other person has completely different motives and an exit strategy from the marriage. Scam marriages include visa scams, money scams, spying and manipulation scams, social status scams.

Here are the signs that there's a marriage scam:

-The partner acts like they are madly in love with you and are very romantic. However, they do not have clear future plans with you.

-The partner becomes evasive when you discuss their friends or their family. They want to prevent you from meeting their friends or family, and avoid the topic altogether.

-They act like they are madly in love yet something tells you they are uncomfortable with you. They tend to avoid face to face conversation. They avoid listening to your problems and don't ask you how your day went.

-They frequently “disappear” from conversations; they frequently make phone calls or disappear when you are texting or chatting with each other.

-They call you “pretty” or “handsome” but don't praise you for your personality or other qualities.

-In visa scams, they frequently discuss their visa status. It seems as though most conversations focus on visas and getting permanent residency. Little else is discussed. Once they get their visa, they become a completely different person, or disappear altogether.

-In money scams, they tend to prefer living alone. They will start by dating you for your money. Then they will tell you they found a job in a different city. Then they start asking you for money, officially for couple purposes. They then gradually disappear from the couple. First they disappear for a day, then a week, then a month. During divorce procedures they will claim that distance relationship was the main problem.

-In spying and manipulation scams, it's usually rich businessmen or businesswomen who are involved. A handsome man or pretty woman is hired to try to date them and eventually marry them. The businessman's partner will then gradually receive manipulation orders, usually from competitors. The eventual goal is to cause turmoil within the competing business, or to steal business secrets.

-In social status scams, people will marry you so they can have access to your social circle or social status. Maybe living in your country increases their social status, or maybe they want to be part of your elite social circle. They will gradually make friends within your social circle and ignore you, and will spend a lot of time bragging about their new found social status.

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