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Dating Israeli men and women
by Joseph Gatt
2018-11-27 10:12:52
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A man or a woman is an entire world by itself, so these are generalizations on dating Israeli men and women. Each case is different.

Dating Israeli women

-Status symbols are not a big thing in Israel. Don't try to impress her with a luxury car, your Harvard Law school degree or being a doctor. Israeli women can be very rich and date men from modest backgrounds and vice-versa. Appearance is not a big thing. Israeli women tend to like men who are well put together, articulate, have a clear purpose in life and who are sincere.

dat001_400-Israeli women strongly believe in love at first sight. If they have feelings for you, they will shower you with praise, affection, questions, and before you even go on a date, might hint at marrying you and having children with you. If you're not interested, do what Israeli men do, make it clear to her that you're not interested. If you don't make it clear that you're not interested, she will act like you two are a couple before you even ask her out on a date.

-If she has feelings for you, she might ask a few questions that might make her change her mind. Your religious background and religious philosophy tend to mean a great deal for her, she doesn't want to end up in a religious household, or perhaps she's religious and does not want a secular man. However status does not mean anything to her, and you could be poor, humble, left-wing, right-wing, and she'll still want to date you, regardless of her religious or economic background. If you have money, she probably won't date you for your money.

-If you hit on an Israeli woman, expect to be rejected unless the feelings are reciprocal. Israeli women rarely go on a date with a man they don't have feelings for. If you stalk her, she will freak you out by asking you to never talk to her again. If you stalk her on social media she might send you a message asking you not to do that, or even block you. In Israel no means no, and don't expect her to change her mind. That doesn't even happen in the movies.

-Israeli women are very conscious that some men can be players. She will be affectionate and romantic, but also overly protective. She might not check your phone, but she will ask you questions about where you've been.

-Expect to meet her family and friends early on in the relationship. But don't expect the couple to be inseparable. She will meet her friends if she wants to, will go shopping by herself, will do her own thing.

-Expect tough sales negotiations. She will stick to her position and in some cases no amount of argumenting will make her change her mind. If she wants something, she tends to know how to get it.

-Expect discussions on marriage and children early on. But don't go shopping for your wedding tuxedo or invite your best man yet. Israeli women tend to be tough, and can handle a breakup.

-Independence is the key word with Israeli women. Don't tell them what to do or to give up their life for you.

-Men and women are equal in Israel. Whoever comes home first gets to clean it.

-Don't expect her to try to please you. She will refuse to go to certain places, will be very straightforward about liking or disliking certain things, and will tell you straight out what she likes or dislikes about your behavior. She will expect you to do the same.

-Many Israeli women live with their family or with roommates. There's no stigma about bringing a boyfriend home. Everyone will act casual; don't expect anything formal when meeting her family or friends. People will watch TV, take showers, wear pajamas, take naps, go to bed, all this in your presence. 

-Most Israeli women are very feminine despite mandatory military service. Don't expect her to watch sports and drink beer every night or to behave like a man. She will tend to watch her appearance, dress neatly, put makeup on, she likes her shopping and she likes hanging out with her group of girlfriends and talking about stuff girls talk about.

-If you're a scam, she will catch you early on. She will make your life impossible. That's why Israeli men tend to prefer tourists if they want a one-night stand.

-Some Israeli women like sleeping with lots of men. They are the minority, but they exist. Her friends will warn you she is only looking for casual sex and not to expect a relationship with her.

-Israeli women tend to be on the conservative side when it comes to dating, with some liberal elements. Sex without love is frowned upon so is changing boyfriends frequently.

-However, if you play mind games with her she will dump you without second thoughts. Don't sulk, don't give her the silent treatment, don't leave things unsaid, if something she does bothers you just tell her. If you cross the line during an argument, she will dump you, and there's no coming back. Couples who frequently break up and get back together are rare. Domestic violence is a serious crime in Israel, so don't go there.

Dating Israeli men

-For some men, hitting on women is a national sport. They will do everything they can to get a phone number or go on a date. They won't wait three days to ask you out on a date. To some Western women, many Israeli men can look desperate. A woman who goes out for a day can get hit on by ten different men who will ask her for her number. Such men often do not get lucky.

-Expect him to shower you with praise and even to lie a little bit. Exaggeration is a common thing. Also expect him to try to get you in bed as quickly as he can. He will try to sleep with you on the first date.

-Don't expect him to be romantic. Flowers and chocolates are not his thing. Expect everything to be focused on language. They will call you pet names and will say lots of sweet things. Your ability to handle a conversation will make them fall in love with you. Be assertive, direct, have a good sense of humor, even act or overreact a few times, keep the conversation going and they might fall in love with you.

-Israeli men tend to prefer independent women who have their own life and career project. Don't act like you will depend on him the rest of his life.

-The intellectual Israeli or the intellectual Jew is a stereotype. Like many, Israelis like their good movies, their good parties, their good restaurants, their good music, and not that many Israeli men read books. Don't expect them to follow politics or to have any interest in politics. Most are self-proclaimed hedonists, and like to travel, drink, party and have fun.

-Don't play mind games with them. Don't sulk, give the silent treatment or hint at things with them. They will dump you for doing that. Israelis hate mind games.

-Expect them to be tough negotiators. If they want something, they will tend to know what they want and will do everything they can to convince you.

-Israeli men are a happy and optimistic bunch. Don't bother them with the world's problems, or with your problems. They will usually tell you to brush your problems off.

-Israeli men might joke about marrying you and having children with you. They will invite you to meet their family early on. Their life will have very little secrets. However, if your relationship goes downhill, they will not hesitate to break up with you. Breakups tend to be definitive, and there tends to be no coming back or begging.

-Israeli men will tend to give good first impressions but will cool down pretty quickly. The first couple of months they might dedicate a lot of their time to you but slowly go back to their circle of friends. Independence is the key word.

For dating both men and women

-A sabra is a person born and raised in Israel. Israelis might be influenced by their parent's culture or by foreign cultures. Some can be more conservative than others, some more religious than others, some more open than others.

-A sabra means a prickly pear in Hebrew and defines Israelis, rough on the outside, sweet on the inside. If you bother them, they can be very rude. But if you're lonely, stuck in a tough situation or have a problem of some kind, they will go miles to try to get you to solve the problem, even when they barely know you.

-Israelis are not very good listeners and don't have time for long complicated stories. Conversation tends to go like ping pong, with everyone talking at the same time. If you have an important story to tell, keep it short, simple, to the point and leave your emotions aside.

-There are no status symbols in Israel. Until the 1990s status symbols were actually banned in Israel, as in luxury cars or products. Don't brag about having money, owning a business, going to an elite school or being an intellectual of some kind. Israelis want you to have a good personality, and your status has very little to do with it.

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