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Reagan's last six months strike again the presidency
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-11-25 10:29:29
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After thanksgiving himself for being him, himself and Trump, the American president claimed to reporters that he had already shut down the US-Mexican border. That while tweeting about Supreme Court Chief Justice’s John Roberts ignorance on what’s going on in …justice and calling US troops in Afghanistan to tell them how unfair the 9th Circuit had been to him.

There is no end to this madness and while everybody smiled with the group of psychologist a few months ago, who declared that there is something wrong with the American president, today …nobody smiles. It is not the psychologists or CNN who try to say something, it is watching him doing or saying anything that makes you think of an old man with serious problems that are not limited to his soul but they go much further, up to his brain.

reag01_400The Ghost of Christmas Past for the USA has been Ronald Reagan. Reagan died of pneumonia, complicated by Alzheimer's disease on 2004, fifteen years after leaving the office but the first signs of his health problems were obvious to everybody the last six months of his second presidency. Firstly we have to take in account that 1980s was a very different times not only for the USA but for the whole world. Information was not transmitted in seconds like it is today and there was no internet beyond some universities’ laboratories. However the secret didn’t remain for secret for long and everybody knew that Ronny was not well.

Secondly, the administration worked like there was nothing wrong for three reasons. First because the president’s Alzheimer's disease was in early stages, still controllable from the White House doctors. Second, it was Reagan’s second presidential term and in its end with George Bush his vice-president daily ready to take over if necessary. George Bush had long ago upscale his involvement with the administration far beyond the usual role vice presidents play and he was already involved in defense and foreign policy decisions. The third and more serious element was the fact that the Reagan administration was a well oiled machine with specific aims and strategy drawn long time ago and with everybody full acknowledging their role in this administration.

Now you have a president half way through his first term with Mike Pence as vice president, a man who often thinks that …god talks to him, with first daughter, Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, as his main advisors and the only ones with decision rights when it comes to this administration. An administration where the first lady has the “right” to fire the deputy national security adviser because of a dispute regarding a …airplane seat. An administration that hosted a Nazi in the closet, Sebastian Gorka, an immigrant who hates immigrants and a white supremacist, Stephen Bannon, with dreams for global domination. An administration with no strategy or plan except how to increase Trump organization’s profits. For that reason they even employed the official communication machine of the Republican Party.

And then comes the lies.

The man cannot stop lying. He’s able to lie even for the weather outside his window. Ever two sentences two are lies. We are not talking about political lies, manipulative lies, misinforming intentional lies. We talk about raw lies that sometimes have absolutely no reasoning to be said. Lies that actually put him in trouble. The man lies because …that’s who he is: a pathological liar and there is absolutely nothing to change that.

In the beginning of his “presidential show” many called him a populist. Donald Trump is beyond populism, he is a liar. Populists exaggerate, manipulate, mislead and lie, Trump only lies. It is difficult to consist true from lie in his words. The man has difficulties to see reality.

So let’s see … memory loss, difficulties with reality, mumbling, mood swings… Reagan’s last six months legacy strikes again.

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