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Essaying Expression Daily Essaying Expression Daily
by Saloni Kaul
2018-11-24 08:20:17
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How would you like to think out one beautiful day
That in its many minuscule divisions
Plays out a myriad fable themes in grand array,
Colourful in display as they take on revisions .
expr0001_400A morning headstart top instinctive bright and early
High in contemplation, slow in tempo and exultation,
Soon whips up the momentum slowly but surely,
Yields, all feat and exploit, excellent consultation.   
By afternoon things perk up, get speedily mobilised
Till you are all agog with high anticipation .
A splendid lunch easygoing , menu designed stylised    
Relieves tension existing as with granted emancipation.
And so,  we keep going from one to its own twin,
A day so like the other yet startling with every win.

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