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by David Sparenberg
2018-11-24 08:22:02
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boy0001A child looks into the world, looks deeply into the world.  World of climate change; hate crimes.  World of violence, guns.  World of terror; racist world.  World of rape, war.  This is every child looking into the future of life.

A child looks into her mother’s eyes, deep into her mother’s eyes.  She is every daughter looking into the future of life.

A child looks into his father’s eyes, deep into his father’s eyes.  He is every son looking into the future of life.

Tears spilling from her eyes, his chest constricted, arching like an iron clamp around the heart, the global child asks, “Why?”

The world ignores the question.  Or the world lies.

The mother says to her daughter, “This is the way it is, little one.  But it will be alright.

The father says to his son, “Stop whining.  Be a man.”


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Abigail George2018-11-24 12:05:12
You are a very talented man and a gifted poet. This particular poem really resonates with me. As a creator, an artist for me there are no boundaries. Truth has no boundaries. Her borders cover every season. Spring and summer, autumn and winter. Thank you for this beautiful poem but to me it is also sad. It breaks my heart that this is our reality now. That the next generation has to fix our problems. This poem looks at tough issues. Global warming. Ovi looks at tough issues. Always daring to go where no one else has dared to go before.

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