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Queen-Brexit is naked
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-11-19 08:38:54
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Back in June 2016 and a few days after the Brexit referendum, with everybody still trying to understand what really happened, I wrote an article, mostly  trying to persuade myself that …this is it, this is the decision of the people and we have to make most of it. I also empathetically pointed that under a serious and well calculated agreement the British people, the tenth economy in the world and the sixth biggest military power in the globe, with a little help from friends in the Commonwealth of Nations, could come out with little loses mainly due to necessary compromises.

And I really believed all that. What I missed when I was writing those words was that it was not the Brexiteers who had won but the populists led by a group of opportunists and cowards political-clowns without any plan at all and a PM to come who would only work for her martyrhood legacy, believing that everything will be alright if we just …wait standing still.

brxt01_400Sadly and I realize it more and more now, what was Britain’s nemesis in those negotiations was exactly the same thing that should have been the winning card. The fact that Britain is the tenth biggest economy in the world, the sixth biggest military power in the globe and has the support of the Commonwealth of Nations from an advantage eventually became a weight and this is Theresa May’s fault.

Theresa may didn’t do anything about her winning card, she didn’t try to do anything about Brittan’s own private market, the Commonwealth of Nations, because Theresa May was busy with what Jacob Rees-Mogg had to say or the hysterics of Boris Johnson while opportunities slipped away. And in the end she came into the mercy of Michael Gove and Amber Rudd. O tempora o mores!

A couple of months ago, again I wrote an article pointing that May haw obviously to turn into internal fights and leave the Brexit into the hands of …Angela Merkel. May was hoping that the German iron lady will persuade the European Commission and leadership into a political decision that would give Britain and especially May the breathing air for a soft divorce. At least that’s what May wanted. She was wrong like she was mistaken with everything else the last two years and however surreal might sounds; Theresa and the Brexiteers with their psychotic behaviour and no-plan ideas are leading the country into a …second referendum.

Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg have shown again and again that they are coward bullies with no plan and no wish to be front runners. They just like to bully everybody from behind the curtain without taking any responsibility of their actions. Neither of them has anything to offer apart of occasional populisms and lies – like the one with the millions to NHS the day after Brexit.

It is so bad and the same time so naïve their stand that makes you wonder if it is …intentional. If these two with a little help from some more they try to provoke a second referendum hoping that this time they will …lose! It sounds stupid, I know but then again “If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” And in this case the impossible would be if Johnson, Rees-Mogg  and the gang are lunatics or traitors and believe me …I don’t believe either!

Its too late and the same time easy to say whatever you like when you don’t know the inside details that might solve the puzzle but May should have done something with this gang long before finding herself stack in the corner, few weeks before the final day and with …Merkel not willing to help. Ironic isn’t it that the Brexiteers expecting solution from the partners they supposedly hate?

I’m repeating myself but again a few months ago, when things turned ugly with the negotiations I did write that it looks to me as May playing the Yanis Varoufakis “game theory” with EU when she had witness first hand – and she participated in it – on how Varoufakis failed. She tried to do the same under what grounds? If you don’t follow my rules we will fall together? And she didn’t realize that in these two years and while expecting her bluff to work – just like in Greece case – EU prepared itself for the worst?

As I said it is difficult to judge when you don’t have the inside information and you don’t know what they talk about behind closed doors, still from the outside it looks like thanks to May’s procrastination and Johnson and gang’s stupidity, Britain lost all the negotiation cards and goes for the finale naked!

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