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By Teaspoons ? By Ladle ? By Teaspoons ? By Ladle ?
by Saloni Kaul
2018-11-18 09:58:15
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set1_400When sounds of trouble then all of a sudden soar
Like pigs disgruntled squabbling in a poke ,
We all know better than to be so fooled at core,
You do know better than those flames to stoke.
And when heads with arms all apparently relinquished
Towards you love’s onslaught, class true or fake,
On the alert be, even as cooks most accomplished
Keep firm watch on their biscuits as they bake.
Those that at auctions intervene to slyly swift transform
Results in their own interest, using a deal of clout
Only to egg the buyer on, yourself inform;
As in love feigning’s evident, be on the strict watch out.
Heap on your dollops by teaspoons or ladle,
Whatsoever you do, steer clear of meddle.

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