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Interactive Writing: The New Generation
by Jane Eagle
2007-05-09 10:39:02
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I had an idea, People of the World, and I’d really like to share it with you (it’s an idea after all not a strawberry popsicle). My column – as you may have noticed - is rarely updated. My head, on the other hand, couldn’t be fuller of thoughts and stuff (my blog can most certainly assure this), which I am willing to expose to Ovi readers. But most of the time I’m backing off. Because… it is the Ovi magazine.

At blogger I post anything. I don’t care who’s really in the mood for reading any nonsense I’m able to come up with. But I do have more respect for the Ovi readers, meaning you (ahhh, how sweet...). The gist of the issue here is that my last blogger post was about proving the fact that 55% of Greeks who claim to have anal sex is lying. I’m pretty sure though a post like this would bore you like a very bad quality juvenile movie. OK, you have noted by now that in the writing process sometimes I suck at the foreplay.

So, if my column is a woman, you all are the man, who now comes in to do a little stimulation on any body part of your choice. I am sure you laugh at these cheesy columns in magazines where a desperate girl looks for the whatabouts on her cheating boyfriend and the specialist/writer of the column hands over the fancy answer, “You must break up with him, you don’t deserve to be treated this way”.

Well, let’s upgrade this naïve mother-daughter column interaction: You can ask me (about) anything you want, the weather (it seems a pretty catchy matter nowdays), relationships, love, sex, movies, music, nails, hair, politics, health, God, Muhammad, Allah, Bill Gates, anything in general that concerns you and find it interesting to pass it on.

But I need to warn you (red lights, flags, big hands waving): I may take it seriously yet I’m sooooo very much capable of exploiting every little piece of information you provide – always in a funny way I hope (if not funny… hilarious then). So to conclude: you do the asking (I won’t dare touching your words – I promise), I do my talking, our article’s done… You’ll read the whole thing on Ovi Magazine.

Jane of Thought baptizes you Food of Thought, oohhh, I’m loving this, don’t you?

Send any requests, inquiries at jane.of.thought@gmail.com

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Sand2007-05-09 10:48:31
But how did you determine sexual actuality amongst Greeks? People in general are not particularly open as to actual sexual practices so I must assume you have taken a practical survey of a statistically relevant number of Greeks. Sounds like a very stimulating piece of research.

Asa2007-05-09 10:51:46
Interactive Writing…hmmm. Could be interesting, Miss Eagle, especially if you use that head on the other hand that you mention – I only have one and it is secured to my neck.

Ok, Jane. Here’s my (serious) question:

Who is cinema’s greatest female character?

BTW Why would somebody lie about having had anal sex? Makes no sense!

Asa2007-05-09 11:30:44
I am sure her research was merely on the rim, not daring to delve deeper inside.

Alan2007-05-09 12:59:48
Are Greek women that hot?

Jane E.2007-05-09 13:33:42
Oh Alan, you wish...

Hahaha, my article on greek sex lies is on its way :p

nemo2007-05-14 09:10:38
I think that people lie when talking about their sexual activity. Just to make impressions. I' m waiting for your article jane

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