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A moderate result in a polarized country
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-11-08 09:56:15
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On the Election Day I wrote that the most worrisome thing about this election is …the day after. What will happen if Trump feels defeated and in the corner. How will the man who has exhibit only arrogance, authoritarianism, pathological narcissism and definitely denial to law and order, react. A man who has misunderstood his role, he thinks he is an emperor whilst in the seat of a servant.

The Democratic Party secured the House majority while the Republicans maintain control of the Senate while adding additional seats. Simplifying things, all that means that Trump can continue trying to legislate Trumpism but now he needs the agreement and approval of …”Pocahontas”.

I don’t want to insult anybody and I’m fully aware what the name means for the Native Americans but this is it for Donald.

Is this good or bad?

nanc0001_400Well, it would have been bad for any other president except Donald Trump. It was a nightmare for Obama who felt that with the House tightly embraced by the republicans, didn’t let him any space to move. It was actually Mitch McConnell who promised that nothing will move as long the Republican control the House. Well now the Democrats control the House.

But as I said before, this is Donald Trump and Donald is not Obama, definitely not like any other American president. He has his own agenda which occasionally has nothing to do with the American presidency. The great showman cares for victories and however difficult might be to understand this is it for him. Now he’s focusing on 2020 elections for his re-election and nothing else. Everything else is a good or bad element to use on the way for the big day.

And never forget, while Democrats control the House, Trump controls the presidency, the Congress and the Supreme Court and this is BIG whatever Nancy Pelosi likes to believe. And this means that while the democrats have better control on legislation Trump can still do whatever he wants.

Although Trump is Trump. And as I said before nothing of these means much to him. All he wants is to win 2020. And he wants it since the day he sworn in office. The rest is for ….Ivanka.

The other element which needs to be in control is the Trumpist redneck mob. The ones who have gone to the Texan boarder this minute to “protect” the country from the “invasion”. Idiotic riffraff fully armed with automatic weapons. And they are not only in the Texan boarder, they are everywhere. Cross the road from synagogues, looking at yoga places and making toy bombs in the vans. And while Trump continues his 2020 campaign without really care who controls the House, they feel threaten from the …extremist left!

And this is the day after. Its here and it is scary as it was the day before with or without the House of the representatives.


The Democrats have a lot to be proud of but …they didn’t win. And I sincerely hope the indoors analysts explain it to the people. What they got is a bit more than the opposition gets in the midterm elections and nothing else.

BUT - and this is a but with an emphasis - if I’m not wrong, the Democratic Party found something the Republican Party lacks. Its future. And this is huge in itself. Beto O'Rourke Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even Andrew Gillum are the future of the democratic party and it is a very credible future while the chance of a new Obama for the 2020 elections, might come from Texas.


GOP has a lot to feel sad for and the loss of the House is just one of them. The Republican Party wasted two years as majority in both houses trying to keep happy the ego of a questionable caricature in the White House. And they thought that they kept him happy fulfilling all the contemporary Republican stereotypes, they turned racist, homophobic, prejudice while giving more and more to the rich taking from the poor.

And then it comes the question, is GOP going to follow Donald Trump’s “winning” path or are they going to chose democracy? Because that’s the big dilemma for Republican Party this moment and it will pave their way to the future.

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