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iBite French style
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-05-07 08:54:20
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France's new President-elect Nicolas Sarkozy has called for unity after a bitterly-contested campaign. The conservative won a clear victory over his socialist rival Segolene Royal, gaining 53% of the vote with a massive 85% turnout.

Is that why half of Paris was burning when they found out that Sarkozy won?


Mr Sarkozy said the French people had chosen change and he would use the mandate he had received to achieve it.

This is what they call, change to worst!


There is a feeling in Paris that France, as Mr Sarkozy said in his victory speech, has turned "a new page of our history".

A very dark and sad page!


"In the republic that I want to serve," he said, "there cannot be rights without obligations. All must have their opportunity, but they must earn it by work, by personal commitment, by belief."

Was Sarkozy talking about himself? Is he going to work for the people? Is he going to commit? And if yes to what? The perfect globalisation?


The former president of Iran, Mohammad Khatami, has been received in audience by Pope Benedict XVI in Rome.

This is where you say …no comment!!!


Ilich Ramirez Sanchez - better known as Carlos the Jackal - is to be tried in France over a series of bombings in the 1980s that left at least 11 dead. Carlos, 57, is already serving a life sentence in France for the 1975 murders of two French intelligence agents and an informer.

Are the socialists in France going to blame him for the defeat?


Shares in Yahoo have raised by as much as 14% upon media reports suggesting the internet firm had been approached by Microsoft about a potential tie-up.

Let me check in Google!!!


President Bush's approval rating has dropped to 28 percent in a poll released this weekend, the lowest of any president in a generation.

I presume there where no polls during G. Washington’s …generation!!!


Pro-U.S. Candidate Wins French Presidency!!!

Believe it or not that was the header of a US paper!!! Let’s see now if Sarkozy is Pro-French as well!!!


U.S. President George W. Bush telephoned Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy to offer his congratulations and said he expected good relations with Sarkozy, who has made a priority of repairing the damage to French-U.S. relations caused by tension over the Iraq war.

Tell me, your friend, to tell you who you are!!!


Sarkozy said: "France is back in Europe."

Damn! With Sarkozy? Please can you keep him out of Europe?


Sporadic violence flared in a number of French cities after his emphatic victory was flashed on television screens, but a conciliatory Sarkozy immediately reached out to his beaten foes, promising to be president of the entire nation.

The others will …immigrate!!!


And remember, there are a lot of copycats

Ovi magazine is the only one!!!

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Sand2007-05-07 10:20:53
What is disturbing to me is the resemblance of Sarkozy's declarations to Bush's on Bush's first election. Sarkozy's program of eliminating the 35 hour week may mean that the French will work longer for more money or, as in the USA, it may mean that they will work longer for the same or less money. In general an anti-labor policy will aid in destroying the many benefits that the French now enjoy from government programs. I hope I am mistaken.

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