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The sea
by Katerina Charisi
2018-10-30 06:48:53
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After how many wrecks the water changes color? Tears filled the sea. Lives that will never live.

sea01_400_01Souls that escaped the madness of the war… But never managed to step on solid ground again.

And we? We count ornaments on the trees and writing letters. We swallowed our pain and painted it green; Red; gold.

Greedy the sea that raised us. Like is asking for a payback for all the summers we sank it with our shouting.

But it’s never going to change its color and we’ll always get lost in her beauty.

And we, we that are now counting the tears, when the sufferings wane after the heavy winter, will be the firsts to forget the Souls in its depths.

And when the warm summer nights her waves sing for soreness, Sirens will name them and fairies of the sea.

And we will count the pebbles on the shores under the shooting stars.

And all those who passed and gone in her cold arms, two words and twigs in the soil will witness the tears of last winter.


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