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by David Sparenberg
2018-10-27 09:07:25
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If you shine a light
size and shape of a pinhole
into the innermost inward,
you might catch a glimpse,
form and face,
from the mythology of dreams,
of the world's most enchanting woman.
Her name is Rhiannon
davi001_400or Deirdre, Brigit Bright, Miriam
Virgin, or Helen of Troy.
But it might just be
Ayano or Sasha
Etta, Evie, Zoe, or Gea.

If you shine a light
size and shape of a pinhole
into the innermost inward
you might see
a wise old man, a
benevolent, ancient sage,
with elevated candle, lucent,
or lantern, luminous, in hand.
He is called
Lao Tzu, maybe Merlin, possibly
Gandalf, even Einstein,
or any such magical name.
Radiant he will be
in quiet thought and spirit-power.

now if you shine a light
the size and shape of a tiny pinhole
into the innermost inward,
you might behold
the presence of a shadow,
a combustible darkness
from the deep-down of dreams
or dreamtime’s cauldron of nightmares. A
Humbaba or Grendel, Caliban called
or humped Quasimodo –rejected
lump with poet’s soul in
burdened limp and
twisted limbs—condemned
among gargoyles; a spark
spewed out from lips 
of a tragic god, encased
in opus of alchemic stone.

The phantom is your own.
You must own this shadow
if you would be whole.

Shadow abides
in cave primeval,
or in the alembic hidden
glass of your socialized
dis-integral self.  If
you look…

look into dreamspheres
you may see some masks of
gods in mirror-shards of
collective memory scattered
in the glimmering amid
oak and laurel, fig and ash
willow, aspen, pomegranate, and apple. 

Do now
as the doctor prescribes:
play at archetypes.

In images of dreams
feel as you peer through pinholes,
how puzzle pieces fit. 
and rejected pieces fit.

Now tell me, honestly,
dream-maker, how visible
is the invisible in your dreamtime?
In what orchard are you rooted?  Who
is at the center of your circle? Do
you know you are a circle to be centered? What
angel prays before you; what
candle burns in secret of your soul?
What darkness yet
by light
waiting to be discovered? What forest
out of time, awaiting
for your awakening to re-find?

One favor, one only:  Stop
waiting for the homunculus
in the cubicle of false learning. 
For all you know in exile, navigator,
myth-singer-sailor, these pinholes are
soul-charts of your guiding stars!


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