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Trump's mightiest fear: a group of outcasts and ragamuffins
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-10-25 07:39:08
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Is it possible that the great negotiator, the greatest leader, the greatest of the greatest country to be afraid of a column of poorly fed thirsty and tired men, women and children? Is it possible that the mighty USA of the 330 million people and the 4.000 nuclear warheads is afraid of 5,000 penniless hope-beggars? Is Donald Trump scared of hungry kids?

Obviously he is, otherwise there is no other logical explanation for all the threats and the exceedingly lying. The man has nearly threatened to bomb them with nukes.

carav001It looks like the immigrants’ caravan has surfaced every single paranoia and psychosis Trump hovers to the extent that he had to declare his …nationalism as his motivation for his lack of compassion and understanding. But then again when Trump refers to nationalism semantics kick and you know that he’s talking about white nationalism, racism.

Never to forget that we are talking about poor people not an army. They are not after capturing land or removing governments. They are looking for a safe settler, for food, for work and hope for their children. Most of them carry their children with them. Most of these children can barely walk and talk, they are infants. They don’t even know if USA is their final destination, they are escaping from poverty and death and that’s all they can see and feel.

Is it possible that this is Trump’s biggest fear?

“Invaders”, that’s how they were called by a hysteric screaming FoxNews commentator, a man who is not a …native American therefore a descendant of immigrants just like those in that caravan, sponsoring Trump’s inhumane “nationalistic” outbursts against people who plainly ask for food and settler for their kids. This is beyond cannibalism and there must be a way to stop.

Trump, GOP and certain media outlets with FoxNews leading, attacks on those poor people show how seriously ill the American society is. These people (including the ones who cheered Trump when he was threatening and attacking the poor people in the caravan) unfortunately mirror the reality of the American society. And NO, the midterm elections won’t be the answer since while Trump and GOP spread lies and threats nobody from the Democratic Party has called them in order. Nobody from the Democrat leaders has told them to shut up. Why? Because they are afraid that it will cost them votes. They suspect that even among their voters there are …Trumpists. That racism, xenophobia and isolationism is not only republican trait. That they are partly responsible. That instead of been part of the solution in Trump’s era they have become part of the problem.   

In the middle of all that there is NOT only one caravan crossing Mexico on its way to USA but hundreds, thousand smaller and bigger caravans within USA. Caravans of the unprivileged, caravans of minorities, caravans of the outsiders who joined by homeless, dramatically poor, veterans, pensioners and ill is becoming a big wave neither Trump nor the Democrats know how to handle. They don’t know even how to communicate with them even though they speak – at least theoretically – the same language.

The caravan of the outcasts and the ragamuffins inside the USA is much much bigger than the caravan outside the boarders.

And this is what terrifies Trump and the rest.

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