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Her eyes had this downcast look
by Abigail George
2018-10-21 08:41:03
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Her eyes had this downcast look
(for Mikale, mummy and daddy)

    Rooka gave me her old
    clothes. Old clothes
    covered with lace. T-
    shirts filled with holes.
    Jeans that didn’t have a zip.
    Could not be buttoned
    up. Didn’t she love me?
    She was giving me all
    of these clothes. Out of
    love, I thought to myself.

 her001_400   Out of love. My sister went to pick it up.

    Out of a moral sense of
    duty. Out of obligation to
    me. Out of love, I told myself
    repeatedly inside my head.

And inside, I crossed the threshold of death.

    The death of ochre.
    The death of earth.
    The death of the sea.
    River and the tumult

inside of that same sea, river, earth and ochre.

    Thinking to myself,
that these daughters of Adam and Eve must

    love me. They must
love me and in my heart, I forgave them with

    my hurt-face. I pretended
    I was in deep waters.
    Swimming away from
    from the landscape of
    the day towards the horizon.

I wanted to tell Rooka,
‘I tolerate your summer face,
and while no one gathers
it up, I do-I do-I-do. I do.’
I do wish that you love me too.

    I-do-I-do-I-do-I-do too.

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"All about my mother" & "Brother Wolf and Sister Wren"
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