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Amazing stories
by Katerina Charisi
2018-10-12 06:52:59
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-Hey, moving out?
-You could call it that, I guess… I don’t have a home anymore.

move01_400-You don’t…? What… What are you going to do now? What about all these? Wasted? Just like that?
-I got all I need… Only the necessary.

-Necessary? How can you separate what’s necessary among all your stuff? They are all necessary, they are things of your house, part of your life, your family… They are your memories!

-Well… My memories are well stored in my mind, plus I could use some space in it to put the ones that coming, don’t you think? I already see my future self sitting besides a fire with my grand-kids around when all this is going to be over and just tell them stories.

Things are going be so great some day, that my stories will sound unbelievable to them. To tell you a little secret; I’m going to make up some stuff too, to make them even better.

I will tell them about hellish hot days under the sun and cold winter nights in constant fear. Fires in barrels, eating with rats. Torn and filthy clothes, rotten teeth and walking barefoot in the snow.

Silence, desperation and a dying hope writhing inside, dead silent at times, or screaming with wrath.

Yes sir. I got all I need. A strong heart, an immortal hope and amazing stories to tell. Strong as a bull and brave as a lion. And if I will not make it to sit by the fire, remember that I once walked on this world.


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