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Blueprint & The Stars All Blueprint & The Stars All
by Saloni Kaul
2019-02-14 10:25:11
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Blueprint & The Stars All

He was deft, dramatic and determined.
His aim was the perfect drive
Moulding physique and stamina,
Sheer genius and ability.
Blend of body and technique with style.

sao01_400(On the one hand) : Proper club size,
measured flight curve and tee angle.
Envision trajectory all the way
and take into account air resistance.
Study the surface structure diligently
and go about ball rotation pin-pointedly.

(On the other hand): Posture is crucial,
power is premeditated, astutely planned.
Yet that intuitive great gut haul
and drive technique is all his very own.

To each his swing, unique as fingerprint blueprint.....

And the ball is lofted to where it has to go.
This one easily matching the speed of his car,
almost 300 km. / hour.
And it is all in the game !

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