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What did we learn from Kavanaugh's hearings
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-10-08 06:42:37
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What Kavanaugh’s proceedings for the US Supreme Court taught us these last ten days is that if women want to be treated fairly and equally they have to conquer power in all levels. A sexual predator, bully and repeatedly liar was nominated for a life position that will hold hostages millions of people from a sexual predator, bully and repeatedly liar president and was approved from a sexual predators, bullies and repeatedly liars  boys club.

hear01_400The most embarrassing moment in this procedure was not when Christine Blasey-Ford started her accusations but when Brett Kavanaugh started bullying the female Senators. Kavaunaugh’s attitude to Senator Amy Klobuchar shows how guilty this man was, how unacceptable his general behaviour is and actually makes you wander what his wife doesn’t say out loud. The man is a menace to any woman around him. 

And unfortunately this man is going to have a dramatic effect to future generations in USA with his sexual predator, bully and repeatedly liar’s vote in the US Supreme Court.

While in a campaign rally in Mississippi, (he likes to constantly relive his campaigns against Hillary even two years after winning) President Donald Trump mocked Christine Blasey-Ford but that was somehow expected from a sexual predator, bully and repeatedly liar president what was shocking was the reaction of the crowd. They didn’t only laughed with Trump’s mocks but they also cheered and some of them actually screamed …lock her up! Lock who up? Ms Ford for daring revealed publicly a sexual predator who tried to rape her when she was fifteen? That was her …crime? For these people what should she do? Shut her mouth and live with it?

Perhaps it sounds somehow populist but what would have they really done if Ms Ford was their daughter? Would have they screamed …lock her up? Would have they laughed and cheer? It is terrifying but there is high possibility that they do have daughters, their daughters have gone through something like that but …they don’t want to know. They choose denial. They choose to march with a sexual predator, bully and repeatedly liar who makes them feel …winners!

Still this is not the point. Most of us are responsible for our acts and the consequences of our acts. But what happens when the acts of a few identify the notions of the many for generations to come? Kavanaugh with his introduction speech in the Congress prepared everybody that he is going to take a stand in all issues and his stand is going to be political leaning to the far-right, nationalistic, anti-immigration, men-chauvinist, prejudice.

This is the world women try to find equality.

Ladies the following words are coming from a man who grew up in a patriarchal society, in an era with men dominance with a master father figure and despite my daily attitude, I’m sure I have my faults regarding women’s equality. The fact is that if you want equality you must extradite men from power and take over or at least force men to respect you and deal with you as equals.

I’m not sure if the #MeToo movement is enough, what it needs to be done is to elect far more women to critical positions and this is not only about USA. We pride equality but see how many women are prime minsters, how many are ministers or mayors all around the world. 21st century and the numbers are poorly low. In some countries they don’t exist. Women just got the right for driving licence in Saudi Arabia. And NO this is not Saudi women’s problem is OUR problem. We all have problem when women in Saudi Arabia are treated like household items, there to cook, clean and produce children with occasional beating to improve their …attitude.

In the 21st century there are companies that consider pregnancy or menstruation a …issue. Something that withholds productivity; trust me I have heard it myself. Also, trust me, nobody reacted when it happened; sadly, not even me. But there was no woman in the room and I’m not sure if a woman will reach this room soon. Imagine how different this conversion would have been if at least half of the participants were women. Imagine a Supreme Court with women in majority.

Imagine a world were women can decide, not forced or bullied into decisions in a false and only in paper equality but in real life.

PS. Last but not least, listening again the way Brett Kavanaugh spoke to Senator Amy Klobuchar, my only thought was: they are putting in the Supreme Court for life a wife-beater! 

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