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Prevailing Winds #1
by Paul Lightfoot
2007-05-16 08:15:03
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Time has increasing importance, it should be a preoccupation as it’s undoubtedly the most important issue we face.

Time, the past, the present, the future, a continuous whole and we measure it by the rotation of the earth. But is time continuous, who knows. For the planet it’s definitely not, In fact it seems with man's efforts the planets time is accelerating. For such an important point as the depletion of our environment, time is against us, yet we continue as if ahead of it.

We are producing at an ever increasing rate, ok if it doesn’t cost the air we breath, but it does. Surely this must be the most important time in the history of the human race, as according to what efforts we make toady, will determine if there is an environment tomorrow. Everyone knows this but the immensity of it’s importance paralyses governments and we continue on the path we know best. How much can we earn.

Is there a deadline, an unspecified moment when it’s all to late. There is no one who wouldn’t hope we are far, far from that. Surely what’s needed now is a period of quality time devoted to calm and consideration for our surroundings. Does this sound like an idealist? What if it does. Why not make the ideal real. It’s us the homo sapiens making decisions for all concerned and there’s no such thing as a suitable moment to pause and reorganise our path.

Any moment is a specific point in time, and this moment is a very specific time. What is of greater value for our earthy needs than the earth.

It’s like we are moving out of beat with the environment, forcing a different rhythm. Somehow I don't feel we have total influence over the mass of life around us. To put ourselves against time is obviously foolish and short-sighted.
For all of us this is our time on the planet, we are all here together and what we do will be handed on to the next generation. I see it as time sharing the planet, it’s not ours to own. The planet is our time keeper and we must simply find ways to change the areas which are destructive, and try to understand our relation to all physical and non physical life.

What will time mean after death, maybe it just wont exsit. This painting is titled, “Best before finishing date”, it’s a phrase the world over knows and what better way to explain the activities of man. I will print T-shirts with this phrase.

Best before finishing date


Prevailing Winds


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Sand2007-05-16 08:31:49
There is much concern, much intelligent action in humanity on the growing fear that we have outsmarted ourselves. But the real power, the real action lies in the hands of the ignorant stupid thugs that have always driven humanity in response to blind greed. We are in for a rough ride.

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