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I Think About You Rodney King
by Nikos Laios
2018-10-04 09:04:50
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I Think About You Rodney King

I sit in a
Sydney cafe
And read about
Zak dying
On an Athenian
Street amongst
zak01_400The broken glass
Of a jewellery shop
Kicked in the head
By two businessmen,
And I think about you
Rodney King.

Amongst the love
There is chaos
And cruelty
In the world today;
And I think about
The single
Facing the
Tanks alone in
Tiananmen Square,
Baby girls raped
In India by
Horny men,
The Palestinian
Children living
In refugee camps
Who will never know
Of home,
The six million
Jews that died
And their offspring
Living in an armed camp,
The Rohingya in Myanmar
Waiting to die,
And the civilisation
Of the European Union
Killing the Greeks
With the hunger
And despair of

The fires are
Burning and
I think about
The fags and
The blacks,
The refugees,
The Palestinians
And the Jews,
Protesting Indians
And angry Greeks
In the streets,
And I think
About you
Rodney King.

I think on
The howl
Of injustice
Welling up
Inside all
Of us
Ready to
Break out
In violence
And blood:
We can only
Take so much
Rodney King.

You said
We have to get along!
But we are all united;
For we are all fags, blacks, Jews,
Refugees, Palestinians,
Protesting Indians, angry Greeks,
Communists,  Nationalists,
Starving, poor, oppressed,
Oppressors, rich, fed ,fat,
Arrogant, corrupt,
Holy and loved.

We are all one
And the same,
And we bleed
The same blood,
And I think
About you
Rodney King,
And how you
Must have felt
That day.

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