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Love Design
by Stirred Up!
2007-05-20 10:39:48
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Designers are embracing love and sex is becoming bespoke. It would seem that nothing is taboo anymore. Netherlands based Studio Oooms states, “by playing in to taboos and expectations in the mind of the beholder, [their] products trigger a conflict of perceptions that makes us think twice.”

Designers are increasingly in favour of strong narratives and cultural observations. They are abandoning modernist ideas of form and function as the starting point of design. This is opening a whole new direction, where the main emphasis seems to be all about fun! And in this context humour is challenging taboos.

Dutch Delight by Oooms

Commissioned by the Dutch souvenir project, and initiated by the European Ceramic Work Centre, the Dutch Delight by Oooms is not your typical souvenir. Inspired by Johannes Vermeer's innocent painting Het Melkmeisje (The Milkmaid) this 8.75 inched blue and white porcelain dildo is a better alternative to bringing back windmills, clogs and tulips.





Prophopot by Dominic Bromley

This amusing bedside storage vessel for condoms is designed by Dominic Bromley and comes in two different designs. One is made of hypo-allergenic natural earthenware and lubricated with a non-spermicidal glaze. The other is made of hypo-allergenic natural rubber. Why hide it when you can make a design statement with it?



Paper Voyeur by DED

For a more subtle effect try this wallpaper designed by DED, which from a distance appears to be just an innocent floral pattern. On closer inspection you will discover erotic doodles mixed within the flowers. It is available in three colours; soda, champagne and liquorice cherry. Spread some love all over your walls!


If you prefer something tailor-made, check out Sh!, Mi-Su or Dollnomori.com for bespoke sex toys. They bring a whole new dimension to home entertainment.

Text by Johannes Reponen

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