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He Said, She Said, We Say......
by Leah Sellers
2018-09-27 09:25:17
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These old Republican Good ‘Ole Boys are crafty “Me, Too” Chicken Coop marauders. Yep.

In setting up this so-called Hearing as He Said, She Said with no proper and fair previous Investigative Process (preferably by the FBI), they intend to kill two Chickens with one cold, hard, pre-sharpened Stone. A winning History of past He Said, She Said inquiries and incidents, nationally and globally, where He Said wins the day, because How could such a man of accrued Republican Party Power and ultra-Con-servative Judicial Power, renown, celebrity, inspiration, and so on and so on Do such a Thang ? What do you think Dr. Cosby ?

kavafox01_400Nope. No fair and just process for you little lady. Judge Kavanaugh, your stated Sexual Assaulter (along with his drunken Buddy-in-Possible-Crime, whose intrusive fall upon you and your stated Accoster, saved Ford’s further physical assault, although not her Lifetime of Psychological Tainting), because the Republican Need to have Kavanaugh on the Court so that the Ragin’ Red Republicans can Control Women’s Bodies and Lives, and Kavanaugh can Pardon King Trumpty when his deeds finally catch-up to him (thanks to the FBI you refuse to use in Mrs. Ford’s case). Hmmm……

Yep. And because the Republicans are afraid of the Optics and Cosmetics of a panel of All White Men bearing down upon Mrs. Ford, they have hired a Trained-to-Prosecute, Female ‘assistant’, Rachel Mitchell, to bear down upon Mrs. Ford instead (sigh, Oh me, Oh my !). But the Republicans claim that they are doing it to save the ‘Feelings, nothing more than Feelings’ of Mrs. Ford. Bless their Little Pea-Pickin’ Hearts !

Yep. It would be difficult for AnyOne who knows the True Restrained Brutal and Cruel Character (which leaks out from time-to-time) of Someone to Watch that Predatory Someone continue to Rise in Power and Stature through the ranks of our Courts of Law and Society, and then head to the Supreme Court in order to make Laws the Laws of the Land.

Yep. Wouldn’t every Self-Respecting Woman want herself to be left in those Lawful Hands ?

So, Thursday is it, because the Republican led Congress says so. He’ll Say and She’ll Say, and then what will our auspicious Congressfolks who are supposed to represent We the People say that We Say ?


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