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Eureka: The ten commandments of immigration policy
by Joseph Gatt
2018-09-27 09:25:04
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A list of ten commandments of immigration policy, in my opinion, in no particular order.

  1. Thou shall not go to third world countries and sign billion dollar deals for thine country's conglomerates and promise in exchange to pick up N thousand migrant workers that thine country shall treat like a bag of dirt and shall drive to insanity.
  1. immig01_400Thou shall not overestimate thine capacity to welcome migrants. If thine country has no means to welcome migrants and that thine people have biases against migrants, thou shalt limit the number of migrants who flow in.
  1. Thou shall not make marriage with a local the only viable option to stay in thine country. Thou shall set up programs for professionals to stay in thine country.
  1. Thou shall not automatically accept persecuted migrants. Thou shalt give them a one year visa so they can work, stack up some cash, and move to a third country or move back to their country. Thou shalt make it clear to them that they have to network their way up to another country and that the one year visa is only to help them gain employment experience and networking opportunities before they leave the country.
  1.  Thou shall not bring in students, train them in majors that have no practical application in their countries, take their money, and kick them out of the country once they have their degree. Thou shall make it clear to such students that they have to leave the country once they obtain their degree before they even start their degree programs.
  1. For persecuted migrants who have not found a third country after one year, thou shall make it clear to them that they have to apply for another visa from a third country.
  1. For persecuted migrants who stay for one year in your country and fail to find stable work or learn the local language or customs, thou shall make it clear to them that they have to leave the country.
  1. For persecuted migrants who find stable work, learn the local language and customs, thou shall invite them to stay in thine country; as such people are very, very rare.
  1. For persecuted migrants who despise thine country, thou shall not renew their visas, even if they manage to find employment and learn the language and customs. They could end up being spies, criminals or terrorists.
  1. Thou shall not treat thine migrants as a commodity. They are not a statistic; they are not an agent of economic growth. They are not indentured servants. They shall not serve as replacement employees for those companies who have trouble retaining local employees, because such companies are located in ghost towns, face financial difficulties or are mismanaged.


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