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The 5 stages of Brexit: Denial-Denial-Denial-Denial-Denial
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-09-22 09:28:10
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What’s wrong with May and Brexiteers’ policies towards Brexit? Denial for sure and the fact that they think that they play chicken with Brussels. To make it worst while the EU member states had two years to prepare themselves and Union’s economy for the unavoidable, UK was still trying to figure out if and what will be the consequences from the Brexit, often beleiveing that they are ...invisible. Sadly, months before the final day reality haven’t reached them yet. They still …play.

The whole situation reminds something we have already lived in Europe three years ago with Greece in the role of the protagonist. Creative calculations, accounting and a lot of imagination had made the Greek government and especially the then finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, (an academic theorist of the economic game-theory) to believe that the rconomic losses EU was facing in front of a Greek bankruptcy were going to be so dramaticaly damaging that the eurozone would actually cut the debt into half and free Greece from the prospect of the torturous memorandums.

may01_400That was the theory behind the chicken game Greeks tried to play back then and it started in February 2015. By May 2015, just three months later, all the EU states and their banking systems were fully prepared for a Greek bankruptcy. Actually the entire banking universe was prepared for a Greek bankruptcy, except the …Greek government.

By the end of July 2015 Greece was deep in the memorandums with the banks in capital controls and the Greek people marching in mass to poverty. The Greek state didn’t bankrupt but the Greek government did and normality will never return to Greece; in fact the Greek people since then have learned to live in a new reality nobody envies.

But UK is not Greece, you might say, from every single angle you might look at it. Might have fallen into the ninth place in the world’s largest economies; but still there, on the top ten. And in theory this is good news if your competition didn’t come from the tenth which is an EU member state in the verges of bankruptcy due to foreign debt followed by the Brazilian economy with the known complicated political problems due to constant corruption. Strange company and far away from the top eight.

However still on the top ten; an industrial country with huge exports and a huge – somehow private - market to consume British goods, the Commonwealth of Nations. Although some of the member started having their own market power reaching for their own consumers far away from UK’s Commonwealth like India, South Africa or Nigeria. Oddly some of them like Canada and Pakistan make independently their own deals with EU far away from the British …influence. And these are just sings that the prospects from theory to practice might be a little …distant.

Theresa May, with or without the cycle of the Brexiteers like Boris Johnson, started the negotiations projecting the idea and the attitude that UK is a superpower empowered from the illusion that the spirit of the old British Empire was still alive. It is dead, they went to the funeral long time ago but sadly they still don’t believe it. And that’s another brick in the wall Theresa and her colleagues Brexiteers have built with EU. Actually that makes in a weird way funny a complain she expressed after the Salzburg summit, that the EU does not …respect Britain. Oddly she did all these complains after her return to London, obviously it was all a show for the tabloids and nothing more. Theresa knows that there is no success story in Brexit and she just tries to survive the mess.

Bottom line, while EU went through all the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance in one year and bit, having plenty of time to spare, UK got stuck with denial and months before the end they are still there.

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