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by Nikos Laios
2018-09-20 07:57:39
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The eagle flew
Over the city
On a cold night,
Lights glowing
Brightly below,
Gliding over
Glass and steel
Buildings and
A river filled
With lead.
He could see
Chimney stacks
Rising up from
The factories
Filling the night sky
With smoke,
Floating above
The blinking lights
And the freight trains
That clattered on tracks
On the outskirts
Of the city.

It was a city
Built by cold
Machine men
With their
Machine hearts,
And they had filled
The world with their
Cold sterile places.

The resources
Of the world,
Sucking the earth dry
Like marrow from a bone;
The rivers and lakes,
Mountains and valleys,
And filling the oceans
With plastic, mercury
And lead.

The eagle
Flew silently
Over the outskirts
Of the city,
Over the suburbs,
Over the countryside
And headed for
The mountains.

He perched
In his eagle’s nest
And felt the chill
Of the night
And the solitude
Of the forest,
And he could
See in the far
Distance the
Glow of the city

He was
One of the
Few eagles
Left on those
Maybe the last,
And he lived his last days
With courage and strength
And accepting what
He cannot change.

For the world
He lived in was
Now made
For men,
Not for


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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