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Whale Songs: Echoed Symphonies
by Leah Sellers
2018-09-15 08:32:45
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Whale Songs: Echoed Symphonies

The Mother Whale
Nudged her Child’s lifeless Body
And moaned
whale001_400A melodious Sonic Dirge
A Purge
An Aria of Pain and Sorrow
For her Child’s lost Tomorrows
Humanity is dooming us All
They have Poisoned our Watery Homes
Plastic floating Islands
Of deliberate Human Waste
And Toxins poured from Designated Shores
Creating Watery Graves
Of Nevermores
As the Earth writhes around within Rising Heat
And the Waters and Air
More Devastatingly and Frequently
Storm and Churn
And Changing Earthly LifeScapes
Crumble and Tumble
Turn and Burn
No Thought or Care for Earthly Tomorrows
Belonging to Children of Land and Sea
Humans live in the Chosen Destructive Moments
Of Only Me
The Mother Whale
Surrounded by Her Pod
Carries her Poisoned Child
For All to See
As She moans and groans
Her Watery Echoed Symphonies
Of Pain and Loss
Of what was Meant To Be
Of the slippery, sliding Choices
Leading to Never Be


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