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The Kavanaugh Cannon Ball
by Leah Sellers
2018-09-10 09:15:13
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The thunderin’ and blunderin’Anonymous National messy Maculate Con-ceptions and Re-directions of the American Ragin’ Red Republican Con-servatives regarding America‘s Trumpian-Bannonite Regime Machine’s National and Global Armageddon:

“Republican Conservatives, we’ll show those Muslims who attacked us on 9/11 who’s the Holiest of All ! We’ll show them that They are the Great Satan they accused us of being (because they don’t want to see that they are all being Manipulated and Tortured into Profit making Submissions by their very own Leaders hiring our military to do their and the Global Mega-Corps biddings) !

kavan001_400And we will deny them Migration from their Rulers endless Hell of Wars and Power machinations for Elitist Profits ! We’ll make the words Immigrants and Refugees curse words everywhere they try to run ! Yeah, that’s what we’ll do ! Can we get an Amen ?!

We’ll allow them to be used to De-Stabilize Stabile Western Democracies and other not so democratic countries for our own Military Profit-Making Machine, and Hate and Fear Muck-Raking Regime, ‘cause those things have always worked to build The Few and Oppress and Submit The Many !

And we’ll ride this mis-guided and mis-directed Wave of Hate and Fear all the way to the White House, and be responsible for the abominable creation of the UnGodly, Tribalistic Trumpian-Bannonite’s so-called Godly American Armageddon’s Regime Machine ! Can we get another Amen ?!”

Hence, the Congressional and Gorsuch and Kavanaugh Judiciary Cannon Balls ! They’re on a Roll ! And they are Rolling all over America’s Future Progress !

Kavanaugh is a Con-servative Operative.

He was groomed from an early age and environment, and throughout his University experiences to be one. There is Nothing Impartial about his Radical Con-servative Ideologies. And it does not matter to the Ragin’ Red Republicans that he has Lied to Congress, past and present, to get the position he covets.

He is no Im-Partial Umpire.

Women’s Rights and Protections, Minority Rights and Protections, Middle Class and the Poor’s Rights and Protections, Small Business Rights and Protections, and Planetary Environmental Rights and Protections are All Strike-Outs before The Game gets played.

White Men’s Rights and Protections, Mega-Corporations Rights and Protections, Elitist Rights and Protections, and the Planetary Environmental Destroyers for Profit Rights and Protections are all Safely across the Home Plate before The Game gets played.

The Con-servative Right’s national backlash against the Muslim’s wreaking some of the violence upon America, that America’s policies have been wreaking upon and maiming most of all of their lives with for way too many years (at the behest of their audacious and Authoritarian Rulers in the name of Allah, and the pressure applied upon our Rulers by Monied Power and knee-jerk provoked and provoking Ideologies in the name of God and Patriotism), only further punitively Con-verted American Policies and led to the chosen Hanging Judges darkening America’s horizons.

Now, what will the Ragin’ Red Con-servative Republicans do with the remaining 60 to 70 percent of Americans who want to leave these backward Policies and Con-servative Hanging Judges from the destructively strident sonic Past Echoes they want to be shed of behind ?

What can the Ragin’ Red Con-servative Republicans do to put a Great Wall up between America’s 60 to 70 percent, and their Need to Move Forward into the Future to Greater, more Inclusive, more Meaningful and Fulfilling Ways of Life and Living and Things begging to be Imagined and Created that would Benefit One and All, and not just the World’s Self-Chosen Few ?

“Ah, Ragin’ Red Con-servative Republicans, do you hear that sweet disastrous sound a-headin’ America’s
way ? It’s another strike ! It’s the Supreme Court’s Kavanaugh (and other smaller Courts) Con-servative Crashin’ and Crushin’ Cannon Ball ! Gee-haw !”

Folks, Re-Member, Democracies are What they Vote (if the Numbers Game of the Electoral College doesn’t get in the way of the Popular Will) !


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