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Eureka: Islamic states: who they are, where their future lies
by Joseph Gatt
2018-09-10 09:14:09
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Islamic states are found from Morocco all the way to Indonesia. All of them have more or less the same structure. They are ruled by a ruling elite, you then find the urban dwellers and the rural dwellers, who share political and social views. You then have something of an opposition that I will briefly discuss.

The ruling elite

The ruling elite often shares the following ideology: economic socialism, social tribalism, conservative Islamism (as opposed to Orthodox Islamism) and authoritarianism.

islami01_400Economic socialism: in the Islamic world, socialism is of the improvised kind. If the masses are calm, nothing is done to improve their living conditions. No incentives are made for economic progress. If the masses are grumbling, emergency socialist measures are taken, including building several housing units, providing generous loans, and providing schools and hospitals with generous grants. The masses calm down, the construction sites, grants and loans are taken away. Masses angry again, construction sites, grants and loans are on the table again.

Social tribalism: social tribalism means the family in the central unit. Treat anyone outside the family as a guest, that is make sure you treat him with hospitality on the first day, but make sure the person does not invade the sphere of the family. Social tribalism is also found in the marriage and business world. Brides are treated with kindness and hospitality the first couple of days, but after that their lives sort of become a nightmare. Treat employees with kindness the first couple of days, after which you treat them like slaves. The masses often complain that they can not be part of the social elite no matter how hard they try, unless they marry into the social elite.

Conservative Islamism: very few Islamic states adopt Orthodox Islamism. But almost all of them adopt conservative Islamism, save perhaps Turkey which has something of secular Islamism. Conservative Islamism means you can find alcohol, but it is either overtaxed or difficult to find. The Islamic hijab is not mandatory but strongly encouraged. Pre-marital sex and homosexuality are not punished but frowned upon, and can technically land you in jail, although such laws are rarely applied. Non-Muslims are tolerated but encouraged to convert to Islam. Family law and inheritance law tends to be Islamic. Business law and laws surrounding wars tend to follow Islamic law. That is, you are encouraged to bring three witnesses at each commercial transaction, and are encouraged to have the witnesses sign the contract as well.

Authoritarianism: Finally, the ruling elite is authoritarian. There is little or no room for discussion with them, rulers are not accustomed to listening to suggestions or advice, rulers are feared and treated with deference. Only when the rulers collapse do people say “I saw that coming” and start talking about their excesses.

The urban dwellers

Urban dwellers are characterized by lack of education, healthcare and housing facilities, attempts to move to a foreign, mostly European or North American country, and politically tend to be on the conservative Islamic side of the spectrum. I will discuss opposition below.

Lack of education, healthcare and housing facilities: while food and clothing tends to be available in Islamic countries, albeit a little expensive, urban dwellers tend to have limited education, healthcare and housing options. Education system is rigid, and if you fail once, you're out, and have few other options. Healthcare is underfunded and understaffed, so unless you have an emergency, you will want to travel to Europe or Northeast Asia for treatment. Housing is very expensive, and no amount of work can get you a decent apartment.

Attempts to move to Europe, North America or Australia: given the lack of available education, healthcare and housing opportunities, the average urban dweller will at some point attempt to change continents and move to Europe or North America. Some are better informed than others on how the immigration system works. The educated ones tend to aim for scholarships before they settle for a job when they immigrate, while high school drop outs tend to try to travel to Europe or North America illegally.

The conservative side of Islam: urban dwellers in the Islamic world tend to be on the conservative side of Islam. Even those who are Europeanized in appearance, that is who listen to European or North American music and enjoy the finer pleasures in life tend to be conservative when it comes to Islam. Islam for the urban dweller will tend to mean prayer and fasting during Ramadan and fasting days, along with conservative views on how their sisters of female members of their family should behave.

Rural dwellers.

Rural dwellers in the Islamic world are characterized by two things: family first, then move to a foreign country.

Family first: rural dwellers tend to sacrifice whatever needs to be sacrificed for their families. If they have to till the ground they will till the ground, if they have to pull the plow they will pull the plow, if they have to drive the truck to deliver produce they will do so.

Move to a foreign country: family solidarity and consensus is important. If there are people who can take care of the family, the rural dweller will try to move to a foreign country. Unlike urban dwelles who tend to move to foreign countries as something to boost their ego, rural dwellers tend to move to foreign countries with the main goal of supporting their families.

The opposition

There are three main opposition groups in the Islamic world. There is the Orthodox Islamic opposition, the Socialist but conservative Islamic opposition, and the Nihilistic opposition. All three groups tend to be straight shooters when it comes to criticizing and demonizing the symbols of the state.

-The Orthodox Islamic opposition: believes in a strict application of the Sharia. Believes that poverty is the consequence of the lax application of Sharia laws. Believes economic and social order will be restored when Sharia laws apply. Believes leaders are corrupt because they are not faithful Muslims.

-The Socialist or Neo-Marxist opposition: Islam plays an important role, but this opposition believes that the Islamic world should cut ties with Wall Street and Western Bankers. They believe of ridding the Islamic world of the “Jewish” influence and believe Western powers should not intervene in the Islamic world. They believe Western powers have pillaged the Islamic world.

-The Nihilists: they believe government is bad, Islam is what causes war and destruction, leaders have failed to address poverty issues, and go on and on talking about poverty, social problems and misery in great detail and often in cynical ways. They often believe that people get the government they deserve, and that when people seek enlightnment rather than short-term gratification perhaps problems will be solved.

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