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Peggy Joy's List on Cults of Personality
by Leah Sellers
2018-09-07 07:11:52
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“Hey Hon, you writing a letter to your Sister ?” Jeb asked as he reached for a coffee cup out of the kitchen cabinet.

“No, Jeb, I’m making a List,” Peggy Joy answered absent-mindedly.

“You, and your Lists,” Jeb snorted. “Go ahead, surprise me. What’s your List all about.”

“It’s a List concerning something called the Cult of Personality,” Peggy Joy replied.

“What in the world are you writing about Cults for ?” Jeb asked surprised. “What do you know about Cults, Peggy Joy ? You’re a Church Lady ! You teach Sunday School ! You belong to the WMU !”

trucult01_400“Well, Jeb, I’ve been doing a little research on the topic, because some folks are sayin’ that Trump Supporters are following him like hypnotized lemmings. That he embodies a Cult of Personality, because he got famous, and became a Celebrity, doing that Reality T.V. show The Apprentice,” Peggy Joy explained.

“We are not Cult members, Peggy Joy,” Jeb protested testily. “We are not brainwashed. We do not even like Kool-aid, and neither do the kids. We do not believe that the Extra Terrestrials are gonna’ come pick us up and take us to another a Planet if we all commit suicide together. So, how could Trump supporters, like myself, be Cult members ?”

“Well Hon, you do believe everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth, and there are a lot of folks that believe that he is an out-and-out Liar. A Con Man. A Cheat. A disrespectful, Play-Boy-Womanizer. A hateful Bigot. An arrogant Elitist Dumb-bell. A petty, small-minded, vindictive, UnEthical and Amoral Tantrummer.”

“Alright, alright, I get it. You’ve been hammerin’ away at me about all that guff for months now.

“Jeb, Trump is a good Salesman. He could sell snow to the Eskimos. And at the Rallies that I have attended with you, the folks in the audience act like they worship and adore him. They hang onto every word that comes running out of his puckered, pouty, potty-mouth,” Peggy Joy continued.

“Those Rallies are kind of Cultish, Jeb. It is a Cult of Personality, that’s why the Republican Representatives and Senators won’t challenge him or put Checks and Balances on Trump, because they’re scared of his hold on their Constituents. Trump’s more popular with his so called Base than any of them are.”

“The Republican legislators are nothing but a pack of Cowards. They refuse to defend our Constitution or our Institutions that protect and serve our Rule of Law. They’re disgusting ! Their Pocketbooks and pleasing their Rich, Corporate Donors and Trump Loving Cult members are all that matter to them. America be damned,” Peggy Joy asserted firmly.

“Well, sounds like you’ve got it all figured out, Hon, so what’s your List
for ?” Jeb asked sarcastically.

“I have been comparing and contrasting Trump and Christ as Cult of Personality figures. Because it appears to me that when you worship a Personality, you are giving credence to all of the Behaviors that the Personality represents or symbolizes,” Peggy Joy said thoughtfully.

“Ha ! I can’t wait to hear this ! Go ahead, Peggy Joy, let’s hear it,” Jeb said laughing.

“Well, Christ is a PeaceMaker and Trump is a ChaosMaker.”

“Christ tells us to Love everyone as We Love OurSelves, and Trump truly Loves only HimSelf.”

“Christ favored, and strove to Heal and Give a Helping Hand Up to the Spiritually Impoverished, those in Suffering and Mourning, the Meek and Vulnerable, those who have been denied Righteous and Just treatment, those who don’t retaliate, but choose to show Mercy, the Persecuted, the Poor, the Hungry, the Disabled, the Blind, the Mute, the Demon-filled, the Hated.”

“Trump calls them all weak Losers. Kicks folks when they’re down, takes advantage of them, Cons and Cheats them, does everything he can to break them in two and grind them into the dust, and Arrogantly and Carelessly walks away, thumping his chest and braying about how strong and smart he is. What a Big, Strong Man he is.”

“Seems to me, Jeb, that the Devil will give a Body just what it wants in order to get what the Devil, himself, wants.”

“I have been analyzing this Trumpian-Bannonite Democracy Destroying Regime Machine for quite some time, now, Jeb. And they do not Honor, nurture or sustain, Free Thought and Liberties, unless it’s theirs. They do not support or believe in Humane Equalities for One and All. And they believe that Equal Justices are just in the Way of their taking what they want, when they want it.”

“Jeb, the thing that makes America great are the Higher and Thoughtful Ideals she was based upon and built upon. And her President must Honor, Represent and/or Symbolize those Ideals with Integrity and Zeal. Trump does not !” Peggy Joy exclaimed.

“We have a President that spends all of his time Twittering and Golfing while tearing up years of International Alliances, and Trade Deals while giving bear hugs to Democracy’s sworn enemy, Putin, who is now making himself a berry-picking, bear hugging Reality T.V. show Celebrity, because it worked so well for Trump, and his popularity is presently in a slump !”

“We have a President who separates, who rips apart Children from their Parents as punishment for seeking help and entry into America from violent and horrible conditions that they all strove to walk away from in order to establish a better life here.”

“We have a President who wants to Play at War, but is held in Check thus far by some responsible Pentagon folks. So, instead he decides to launch an Economic War through punishing Tariffs, that never really hurt the Rich, but always wend up hurting the Middle Class and the Poor. Always.”

“We have a President who has made our Healthcare System more chaotic and expensive, because he is jealous and resentful of a black man, a Good Man, a Good Leader, who became our President, and helped to get us all out of the Great Recession, while he and Nancy Pelosi fought against great odds, against the greedy Corporate Giants to get all Americans Affordable Healthcare that did not discriminate against pre-existing conditions or the poor.”

“We have a President who does everything he can to Divide our Nation into fuming Tribes writhing within old Fears and Hatreds in order to keep everyone distracted from all of the harm he, and his Elitist Gangsters and Cronies, are doing to the very fabric of our Great Nation.”

“Trump’s Mantra is, “It’s All about Me, Me, Me ! And I will wear you down, and wear you out to get my way ! You will all give into and Submit to Me ! Because I am the King with the Democracy Devouring Regime Machine ! And if you don‘t, I will go to War and Destroy everything !”

“Jeb, Children we all call Behaviorally Challenged behave this way. They will behave like this for the Ill of One and All just to get their Way about something. Trump, and Bannon, and all of their Gang have chosen to Disrupt and Tantrum for Democracy’s Ill for their own personal twisted and tangled Selfdoms, and their Dark and All Devouring Kingdoms to come !”

“Former Presidents Bush and Obama had it right at John McCain’s funeral when they stressed that Americans are Greater when We All come Together to Stand for Causes and Future EnVisionings Bigger and Better than OurSelves.”

“Even when We Stand Together with folks who have vilified and defeated us, as well as with those who have always supported us. A Standard of Christ-like Forgiveness, Grace and Compassion which takes a tremendous reserve of Internal Strength, but that Act of Internal, Personal Strength proffers, nurtures and sustains a myriad of External Strengths which blesses and improves The Many.”

“That’s right Jeb, Compassionate Action is no Coward’s Path. Compassionate Action takes tremendous Courage and Strength of Character. It Gives of the Self in order to Give Strength and Nourishment to The Many, which in turn continues to Strengthen and Nourish the Self. It‘s a Positive Cycle of Life and Living.”

“Trump and Bannon‘s is not. They are weak, not strong. Everything they touch becomes just as weak and as corrupt as they are.”

“So, as I compare and contrast Christ’s and Trump’s Cults of Personality, just guess Who I would Choose to follow ?”

“Sometimes, I really hate your Lists, Peggy Joy,” Jeb said with a slight grin and a cluck of his tongue as he took another swig of his cold coffee.


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