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The end of the summer
by Nikos Laios
2018-09-06 09:20:07
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The end of the summer

An ocean swell surges
And the yellow sun melts
On the blue horizon;
And the warmth
santorini_400_01Spreads across my face,
The lilacs gently floating
On a hot breeze.

I walked on a desolate
Beach with palm trees
Swaying rhythmically,
Green leaves glistening,
And in the sea
Dolphins crested
The salty waves
In slow motion,
And the seagulls
Floated above
Diving for morsels.

The ocean was like
A sheet of glass
Shinning under the sun,
With dapples of light
Dancing on the surface.

While on the horizon
A lonely yacht cleaved
The foaming waves,
White sails flapping
In the sea breeze.

It was the end of summer.
And I was alone on the beach,
And I drank it all in;
I let it soak into my pores
Like red wine and seep deep
Into the reservoir of my soul.

Mesmerised, drunk,
Intoxicated with life
And love and joy
And happiness,
And summer,
Because I am alive right now,
Because I will never be here again;
It was the end of summer,
And I stayed until
The dying light.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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