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Holy Spark
by David Sparenberg
2018-09-06 09:21:02
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There is a gentle sweetness to children.  A life affirming goodness.  A light at the core, in the heart of hearts, at center of the soul.

Even diminished, it does not die in the crucifixion of time.  The “yes” of life endures.  The way of joy continues to find expression.  Only extreme, criminal, brutal, grim and inhuman experiences crush this light, bury the holy spark in a grave of living death.


By what name do we call the premature burial of children by burying the light of childhood affirmation and spontaneity?  By what name call condemning the living to living death?  It is in the anti-event of the anti-human that we locate the degrees of death.  What is the response to these harrowing confrontations?

When I see life shining in a young face, smiling through innocent eyes, I pray.  I go apart—into the interior sanctuary of connections.

I find solitude in a clear and calm and beautiful place in nature.  Quietly offering thanks for the ones who are born and placed among us with a holy spark, I give shape to my soul’s embrace of the God of life—the One who introduces love into the vibrant intricacies of creation.

In such prayer and in sharing this prayer-making with you, I bear witness to a sublime truth of human life.  The desire of life is for life and within this living desire, which is sacredness, is the Kabbalah (the mystic tradition) of light in all of light’s gradations, from prayer candle to solar fire, and the Kabbalah of love (the oral wisdom, at times a gentle breath-voice, at times a commanding awe of thunder) of love, in all of love’s, tender, fierce, passionate and compassionate manifestations.

To love children is itself a miracle of affirmation.  To love children is to be vulnerable to their joy.  Why does anyone overshadow or destroy the joy and spontaneity of children?  To be vulnerable to child-joy is to approach the Holy of Holies of ecstasy, the way of nature, and of enlightenment, the call and prophetic promise to humanity.

Perhaps you have heard about the holy sparks, the photons of creative energy, held within the husk, the dark shells of material?  Perhaps you have heard about the work of tikkun olam, mending of the world, through the release of the hiddenness of sparks?  Before it was taught that to release the sparks was to free them to fly away, to return to lace in a mythic cosmic structure.  It is not so in our time.  There is a need now for a new Kabbalah of ecosophic-zaddikim, healers of the eco-sphere.  Mythic structure is not lost, but liberation is for the healing of the Earth and Earth’s inhabitants, without collapse, without dissolution, without apocalypse.   Some have a gnosis based in denial. Such people think that holiness can only be believed at a distance.  That is not the way of children; who are themselves the holy sparks of God’s love.  For us the need of the sacred is the immediacy of here and now.  The present holds seeds to the future as children embody the love-dreams of humanity.

What is the faith of children?  It is not called faith.  It has not entered the heart-remove of abstraction.  It is not called belief, because in unmolested purity there is no dogma.  The faith of children is trust.  Every act of trust is itself a spark of holiness.


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