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Anybody for Trumpland?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-09-04 07:27:02
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Live and act as an example is the least you would expect from a country that too often criticizes other countries and statesmen for their attitude regarding human rights, freedom of speech, respect to the freedom of press, laws and ethics, respect to democracy and the fact that elected leaders are there to serve the republic and not their personal interest. Now all that sounds like a fairytale, fake and a joke in front of the reality in USA and from this side of the ocean the United States of America look like a place out of a dystopian novel.

And it is not just the top of the ‘orange’ iceberg. Donald Trump stands on top of 62,979,636 votes with at least 50% of them pride to be Trump-clones or …even worst than him. Thanks to Donald there people this moment in USA, thousand of people proud to be supremacists, racists, sexists, fascists and Nazis; the darkest side of America, the side that every single American was hiding in deep closets for so many decades embarrassingly and scared. And now it is out there ready to conquer …nobody knows what.

doddy01_400Conquer the world? Create some kind of global dominance where every single state will have to serve and obey USA? Do they really know what they want? It really sounds surreal but it is as surreal and schizophrenic it is the message the American administration transmits. Isolation and global dominance. The two faces of an American Janus or the one face of an orange authoritarianism under a ‘democratic’ veil, Erdoğan and Putin style?

I was with a friend a few weeks ago, known to all of us for his adventurous and world travelling passion. Also known for having the necessary cash to satisfy his passion and keep that in mind. The man has travelled to the most amazing places in this world, from the steppes of Mongolia to the mountains of Peru. So, talking about his plans for this year we asked him if USA was included since he has too often mentioned the last few years his wish for another trip to the Grand Canyon, by helicopter this time. His words not mine. The answer was: no bloody way. I won’t go there for two weeks having the passport control in the airport checking my Facebook page because I don’t look the right white to them.

The thing with this exchange is that it was not the first time I heard something like that and neither the last. I have written it before and I’m going to repeat it again, Americans don’t see it yet, but this moment and under Trump, USA scares people and scares exactly the people Americans …don’t want to scare. Scares ordinary Europeans and Asians who would like to visit Disneyland in Florida and the Statue of Liberty in New York. Scares people who want to visit the other side of the ocean for a couple of weeks, see things that have seen only on television, enjoy gigantic hamburgers and donuts and after buying a lot of souvenirs, come back. That’s it.

Truth said for most of us, USA having turned into Trumpland has an aura of a toxic state that tickles negatively. A place where a tense and violence is everywhere in the air, where discrimination is beyond surface and you always have the sense that conversation about civil arrest or hate crimes is part of a conversation never made but always there.

How this reflects to the market for example? Do you want to make business with a nation that its leader has declared with every possible way that he will change all the laws if necessary just to make sure that it will not be about a fair commercial trade but a trade where the American is the one to win. But this not trade, is it? Why to export your products, your discoveries, your creations where they will try to trick you and cheat you?

Why would you want to have any kind of dealings with a state that separates families and locks two and three year olds in cells endangering them even to sexual crimes, as we have already started reading in the news? Fake news? Why would BBC, DW, El Pais or France24 lie for something like this? So Donald will not visit the …Queen again?

At them moment everybody is watching, there are two things everybody is watching, the trade agreement with Canada and the midterm election in November. Trump doesn’t get it but the outcome of the Canada trade negotiation will show how credible he is and in November let’s hope that the democrats will make the miracle before there is nothing left to build on.

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