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Tao & Dharma
by David Sparenberg
2018-08-30 09:10:30
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The world is falling apart.  Again, the world falls apart.  Admit it.  All the time, all around, something of the weather, a chaos, a curse, of human violence.  And wherever disaster strikes next there is pain, anguish, loss and suffering.

Give thanks for being alive.  Whenever you feel peace of mind, of heart and soul, send the message of blessings outward.  Even in the trembling give thanks for being here.  Say, this is here and now.  Do not be one of the deniers, misguided in deception, in delusion.  Do not be an escapist.  It is unbecoming.  Dignity does not adhere to what is unbecoming.  Do not drop into the abyss.

tao001_400Ask forgiveness.  Seek to be forgiven for ignorance and the cruelty of humankind.  Once, long lost in common past, we were integral, a part of creation.  Long since, we are not good for this Earth and the diversity of Earth’s structures and creatures.

The world is falling apart.  Again, the world falls apart.  Admit it.  We are the dis-eased excess weighing oppressively on the bosom of the Earth.

Ask forgiveness of a newly shed pine cone, of an enduring stone.  Stand on a shore, seashore or a river’s bank, showing your sorrow, saying you are sorry.  Chant or sing or shed some of your profound tears of broken love.  If you are not a willing part of human madness, let nature know how ardently you long for return.

As the world falls apart do not fall apart with it.  Rather, where there is darkness, radiate a light of compassion.  Where there is violence, be a practitioner of nonviolence. Breathing beatitude, be a practitioner of peace.  Then, where there is rage, and lashing out, injury and confusion, be the choice of trust.

The world falls apart.  Evidence is obvious.  How do we stop this?  How do we reverse the terrible and terrifying process?  We will not save the self-destroying world.  You cannot; I cannot.  And yet, if each of us who are warriors of gentle spirit and lovers in affirming passion measure the configuration of immediacy and strive to rescue even our small piece of the living fabric, we will be doing all that is in our power to do. 

Who can say what is heard in the pathos of honesty?  Who can say what is felt in the vibrations of our choices.  Make sure mind is clear and heart pure.  There is strength in clarity.  There is strength in purity. Living beside one another in the Way and the Law, unity emerges. Organically, with patience, unity consciously unites, celebrates in spontaneities, celebrates the enlightenment of evolution.

Fitting into what is falling apart is surrender to the illusions of separation, to the status of existing as fragment.  Follow rather the Tao of reverence.  Invite to communion; seek completion.  Abide in the Dharma of creation.  Nature establishes diversity, moderation, patience, placement and systemic interdependence.  No “I” without “Thou”.  No consciousness without context.  Awaken out of ego, emerge into eco.

If you believe you are listened to, continue in this dialogue of mutuality and hallowing.  Listening happens—remain alert.  Both action and intention matter when you turn weakness into humility and courage into dedication.

What does it matter what name you attribute to your Listener?  That name bears your signature.  Planted in the root cellar of identity, there grows the hidden treasure of your soul.  You are a child of this planet.  Be at home here.  Be lover—ever soulful, deeply rooted.

If a stranger estranged from truth questions: “What are you doing with your life?”  Meet the challenge in the moment. Respond: “I sing the world—both affliction and renewal, the broken and mending, both barren plot and sowing.”

If a stranger estranged from truth laughs at your reply, say quietly, “I too practice the yoga of laughter!  I am a dancer of Tao.  I am a poet of Dharma.  My vulnerability is my garment of light.  Every day I do a little sewing.”

This then is my mandala. This then is who I am.  The world is falling apart.  My soul is a lotus; I am not a shard. Not broken glass. I am not falling.  And you?


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