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I don't feel like dancing
by Richard Berman
2007-05-05 10:16:34
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Music has changed throughout the years, but at the same time the oldies are still alive, and played at the local disco on a nightly basis.

This week sees Dancing Week around the world, and with the big comeback of the dancing show Come Dancing on TV, it has changed the world. With Ballroom Dancing on a comeback in England, dance schools have seen a surge in attendance, with new members joining up all the time and the young taking an interest in the all-new keep-fit programme.

Some facts about the English version of Strictly Come Dancing: Since the start in 2004 the dancers have used 169 bottles of fake tan, donned 330 costumes, using 3m sequins and 73 sets of false eyelashes, plus there has been 4,225 hours of dancing.

I cannot dance to save my life, expect for a little giggle to some 90's pop on a dance floor at a local night club, then there is my wife. She is a trained tap dancer, she can dance jive, tango and all the rest, she even tried her best to take me to classes with her before our wedding, but, sorry to say, you really have to have it in you to be able to keep to the steps and count at the same time, which was not that much fun for me. In the army in Finland the guys and girls have a few classes in dancing - that's one way to win a war.

My oldest daughter goes once a week to a dance school, she loves it there, and I think it has helped her very much in her timing, among other things. My wife also goes once a week to a dance class, but she sees it now more of a keep fit club that is more fun than going to the gym.

Being a DJ I have been in many bars and nightclubs in England and Guernsey, and also in Finland. I have seen it all, such as the people who spend most of the night on the dance floor, clicking their fingers to the beat and then you get the people who love to show off their dance moves to “YMCA” knowing all the actions to the song, but can you call that dancing? Then you get the couple who just enjoy a cuddle on the dance floor, and then you get the ones that know what they are doing, jiving to every song, then you have the guy at the bar who taps his foot all night to the beat, really wanting to make the move to the dance floor. People are funny to watch, it makes my job as a DJ fun.

Dancing has changed a lot over the years, with ballroom dancing in the past to people raised high above a nightclub dancing in a cage. Nowadays the music has changed so much that you cannot stand and move your bum to a little Wham! or Bonny M. Now you have to stand still and just move your arms like a robot, so I refuse to play music that does not have any words in it. I hate music that is filled with bass and has been written by someone on their computer; I just don’t get house music or Techno, with some guy called an MC shouting words that are hard to make out down a microphone.

Dancing is fun with the right music, but you do really have to know how to dance to get on the dance floor without making yourself look silly, but, saying that, after a few drinks who cares what you look like!

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Asa2007-05-05 10:20:21
I saw this quote, which made me smile:

Do you think dyslexic people have difficulty dancing to "Y.M.C.A."? ~Dave Sokolowski

Richard Berman2007-05-05 14:13:03
Now thats not nice, I do Ok :-)

Done much proof reading on my stories?? :-)

Asa2007-05-05 14:33:31
Barely touched a thing...

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