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To Johannesburg, with love
by Abigail George
2018-08-27 05:25:25
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To Johannesburg, with love
(for Voldi and his love for opera)

johan001_400    A flock of stars. Stars in her
    eyes. And so, I closed myself
    off to the outside world. The
    tired, miserable outside world.

And said this, that people have nothing to do with me

    and I have nothing to do with
    people but I fell in love with
the city and the city fell in love with me. Boots, jeans and all.

The pulsing sun lit up something inside

    of me. And I finally learned what it was to walk on the kingdom
    of dry land. To clasp that
tender prize of pure rain in my hands.

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"All about my mother" & "Brother Wolf and Sister Wren"
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