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Fat or thin
by Richard Berman
2007-05-17 07:50:09
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There is so much information out these days about how to make yourself look good, so many products that you can buy to get your weight down, so why are there still problems of people dying from being obese?

I have always been a little over weight; it runs on my dad’s side of the family with my farther and two of his sisters being over weight. I have two brothers and a sister who are sticks and then there is me. Therefore it does run in the genes…I have got my dad’s and the rest of the family has my mum’s.

I have tried almost every diet in the world, been swimming, to the gym, bike riding, so I do try. The diets I have been on are crazy and yes I lost the weight but over time it comes back again. I would say that 90% of the time I eat really good food, healthy and the other 10% is not. I don't eat too much rubbish, but I do like my McDonalds and, now and then, crisps.

Today in our shops you see all this great food, 50% less fat, 2% fat, so all the packaging is now clearly marked so you know exactly what you are eating. The new thing in England is five a day, which means you should be eating five items of fruit or veg a day. I watched a documentary on the subject of weight and one guy said I eat 40 oranges a day, so why am I fat? The doctor said that if you eat 40 of anything every day you will get fat.

There are so many diet products on sale - you have the Slimfast milkshakes, diet meals, diet drinks, low fat this, low fat that, you have got the diet pills, it’s hard to know what works. I will never bring myself to take tablets to lose weight, since that is the easy way out.

These days I think there is too much pressure to lose weight and having to look good. I have been to a few shops that only sell up to the large size and I am an extra large size, which does make me think whether I have to get the extra baggage off.

Then there are the fat clubs, with Weight Watchers being the first that comes to mind. I think that these clubs are great, you really have to make the effort after you join with weekly weigh-ins, and it really makes you want to lose the weight, especially when every week you have 20 other people watching you and clapping when you have lost a couple of pounds. They give you eating plans, exercise retains and you have the backing of the club behind you.

It really makes me sick to see all these skinny people on TV, especially thinking about the pressure they must be under to always look good, plus models, well those poor girls are dying to look good. The new size 0 problem is getting way out of hand and these people really have to put on some weight it does not look good at all.

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Sand2007-05-17 08:39:19
Although I concur that one should feel comfortable in whatever physiology nature grants within reasonable limits and very little concession to social convention I have an unconventional hunch that nature limits any biological form to what might be called a standard four dimensional mass. By living on a starvation diet it has been confirmed many times that any life form can be extended in the fourth dimension, namely, time. This, of course, is a very iffy proposal, but it is intriguing.

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