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The Post-Trump Presidency: Who, What, When, Where, and Why
by Bohdan Yuri
2018-08-22 08:57:58
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While we're mired in President Trump's "historical" tweets every day
we forget what awaits us down the road.

Surprise! The Trump presidency will end sooner than you think.

The demise will begin after the mid-term elections in which the Democrats will bust the Republican Party's monopoly.

donyfall01_400December 2-6 will set off a series of events by which the Trump administration will begin to unravel. At the same time, leaks or actual proceedings in the Mueller investigation may begin to expose some incriminating evidence that will highlight Trump's nefarious dealings, resulting in a classic disconnect by the flaccid Republicans as they turn on Trump, their moneymaker.

Not wanting anything to do with Trump anymore the Republicans will then confer with the Democrats to find the most painless exit from this rather embarrassing moment in American History. As a result, by consensus, they will offer an "agreement" to forgo the blame game and move forward. The Democrats will once again oblige.

However, the complete remedy will be to ask Trump to resign in lieu of impeachment proceedings. Trump will be allowed to use whichever excuse he chooses but the Truth will be obvious.

As for any potential criminal proceedings, barring treason, they may also agree to allow the next president to grant a pardon to Trump for any non-treasonous crimes and the nation will be asked to reset its government and to move forward.

January 22-26, 2019 will signal the end of the Trump presidency.

Now, welcome to the post-Trump presidency.....President Michael Pence!

The next battleground:

While the Democrats will have the power to move bills, the president has the power to veto them. And as the enabling feckless Republican Party let's their tails rise from between their cowardly legs they will re-sharpen their obstruction skills and they will once again continue to deny everything that goes before them ...they truly are the Masters of Obstruction. An old dog does not forget its old ways.

So, in these next two years of readjustment expect the political and social conflicts to escalate as will the anger and aggression spread throughout. The timetable will fire the kettle to explode near the nominating conventions as they did in the late 60's.

The real danger though is the social blowback against the Pence presidency. Trump's legacy will be that of the "saboteur" who'd set the charges with a delayed fuse. His resignation may very well  cause an explosive civil "conflict" (war?) in the United States before the 2020 presidential conventions/election.

On all sides we have increasingly become a shoot first mentality in this country. Unlike the late 60's anti-war riots which had more looting and less killings than a weekend in present day Chicago today's riots cost lives because of hate towards each other. Also unlike the 60's there will be more weapons and firepower in the streets nowadays. And don't think that Putin doesn't already have that planned on his agenda.

Here's the reality: Putin already has his agents planted within ALL parties and many communities. And they are all ready to instigate any action called upon.  (He took over Crimea and Eastern Ukraine that way.)

We really are still a naive people when it comes to Russia and Putin. Living in this great country we easily assume that we are invulnerable to dictatorship. (Trump has shown us how close we are to becoming one.)

Who didn't foresee Trump's shortcomings from the beginning....? The proof was always there but one had to admit it. Look how long we waited to believe it enough to change it. The problem with this country's malaise is that we wait for the bad events to happen first and we are then usually forced to react in panic mode.

Here's a suggestion, perhaps even a remedy to prevent any potential violence in the next two years, especially since there will always be questions about the legitimacy of the Trump/Pence election results:

After Trump resigns, perhaps have a one-time presidential election in  (Feb.-Mar.?) 2019  whose term would last until 2024, an extended term --- maybe even a one subject constitutional reset.

In fact, perhaps each Presidential term henceforth should be for either 6 or 7 years. After all, we allow sports coaches to employ 5 year plans for success or failure. Let's give the Prez that same option:

A one-time 6 or 7 year term....(one instant win - no more campaigning for re-election). His/her only job then would be to serve his/her country --- time not spent campaigning for re-election.

So instead of fomenting hate and anger in the country let us focus on setting up a new presidential election and to do it right this time.................Make America Right Again?

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