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Temporal Tactics
by Jan Sand
2018-08-22 08:57:45
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Temporal Tactics

Time does not respond to curse
Or even worse, disdain.
Daily events make it plain
time01_400_01Discontents are better dealt
With, as it’s felt to be,
Full of inconsistency.
Confrontations are dismaying
When regrets start preying
Over losses where conquests
Youth unlocked
Now finds age securely blocked.
One must sense the moves of fate.
Time can clearly demonstrate
Utilities to be adept.
Accept, accept.
A mind trained in compromise,
At gulping down raw surprise
In loss, can gloss
What no more lies at easy hand.
Time is ever in command.
Victory is not in never,
Time can cut, events sever.
Peace can lay in mere “not yet”,
Not yet and no regret.

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