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The handsome stranger at the seaside The handsome stranger at the seaside
by Abigail George
2022-02-06 08:59:37
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The handsome stranger at the seaside
(for my mother and father)

    I can smell the hungering sea
on my fingers. Your dancing
is bittersweet. The royal-loyal
seasid01_400invention of the cracked day overcast. Birdsong finds
itself in my palms. Between
my ears. Inside the charity of
my head. The tops of my brain
cells. The margin and extinction of night comes with
you still. An acute challenge
lays before us in what used to
be our own private ‘dream’ world. Invite the garden, you
used to tell me. The winter-guest.
The dead. The union of the spontaneity of
blood and the waves of flesh

    but I no longer invite you to sit at my kitchen table. No longer do you understand
my world-view. Your touch was concrete once.
Golden. Once your kiss planted
reassurance in my soul. Your
language musk, heat, sun, translation, weather.
Your eyes the window to your soul.

    I don’t want to remember you.
    I don’t want to remember your breath
(on my skin) but I do. Truth has a smallness. An urgency about its air.

   Love is trapped in that smallness.
That urgency. Love is a wedding feast.
The bride a vine. The vows a list.
The groom a beast. There is stress
everywhere. In race, nature, humanity.
Where ancestors feature. Once
you were radiant. You put me into a trance. It took me
years to understand the ways in which

you did not love me. Nonetheless I
dreamed the vision of you into my soul.
I’m trapped. I know it. In order to be
free I must surrender the memory of
you. The more trapped I feel the more
I must bury you in the past. In history.
Like letters trapped in an archive. Old
pieces of furniture and paintings found in
a museum. Treasures lost and found.

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